Custom Modular Akai MPC 2000XL Debut by Big Noise MPC

  • A close up picture of the brown and greyCustom Modular Akai MPC 2000XL by Big Noise | Big Noise Radio
  • Custom grey bazel with black face Akai 2000XL Modular design in a slant position
  • Custom grey Akia MPC 2000XL Modular drum machine showing rear outputs.
    Custom Modular Akai MPC 2000XL Debut by Big Noise MPC

    This is the fully blown Akai custom MPC 2000XL you’ve been dreaming about, competition is none! Everything you need to produce dope beats for any genera of music. Designed and built in August 2019 by Noiseman, this unit features a slim sleek style that is sure to look sweet on you production desk. The black and grey design makes the classic MPC 2000XL look like something that just rolled off Akai’s production line. But no, this is a 90’s machine with a Big Noise face lift. The 1st unit got much love on Facebook and sold on eBay in just 4 days, we’re so excited!

    The initial unit came with the following features; 32MB RAM, Akai 8 Output I/O Board, Akai Effects Board and Big Noise MC-2000XL Hot Swap Card Reader. Black anodized billet Aluminum Jog Wheel, MPC Stuff Fat Pads, Pad Sensors, v.2 LCD Screen and Black LCD Screen Window. Grey expanded PVC Foam Plastic Skins and Walnut Wrist Deck with aluminum trim. Black / Grey / Yellow Buttons, Silver topped Black Knobs, Black Slider, Black Vinyl Wrap and Fat Rubber Feet.

    We are now taking pre-orders for custom Modular Akai MPC 2000XL units. The bezels come in may colors and materials, allowing you to mix and match to create a design built to your taste. Modular bezel kits will also be sold separately allowing you to customize your own MPC in the comfort of your on place. We’re talking with MPC Stuff now and we’re excited about the proposition of distributing our Bezel Kits through their online store. Reaction from the public for this design has been phenomenal. We’re now working on some more of these units in different flavors.

    My man Confidence from Boston did us a solid with this promo video for the MC-2000XL Hot Swap Card Readers we install in all our custom MPC 2000XL units. Peep the video below for more information on these classic media card readers. For those of you who don’t know, Confidence is a seasoned hip hop producer, who has worked with many dope emcees including; The Legion, Ed OG, Rashad, Purpose, Smoove, Born Unique, Jaysaun and Neek the Exotic to name a few. His machine of choice is the custom modular Akai MPC 2000XL. We’re proud to have him be part of this creative process!

    Akai MPC 2000XL Hot Swap Card Reader "MC-2000XL" by Big Noise MPC | YouTube Video

    Published in October 2019: Akai Custom MPC 2000XL Hot Swap Card Reader “MC-2000XL” Produced by Big Noise, Released by Big Noise, Directed by Noiseman, Video Footage Filmed by Confidence Beats, Edited by Noiseman.

    We’ve acquired full schematics for a few of the Akai custom MPC 2000XL units. For this unit we wanted to enhance the sound of the unit as well as the look. We installed a new output Op-Amp and upgraded the electrolytic audio path capacitors to Elna Silmic II audiophile components. We also installed the proprietary Big Noise Pad Damping System and Ferrite AC Line Filters.

    Akai MPC 2000XL main circuit board with test gear on audio bench.

    Company Contact Info:
    Big Noise | Website | Twitter | Facebook

    You know what it is… Keep it locked to Big Noise Radio for authentic hip-hop music and culture produced on the MPC!

    Article: Big Noise
    Editor: Noiseman
    Image: Big Noise MPC

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