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    • Audio Magic

      Mastering is crazy nice bro… It sits right on the levels on my mixer… best when the gain is right in the middle, when mastered correctly, and the vol fader is in the direct middle sitting on 5, u nailed it so I’m happy. Usually I need to crank my gain to 7-8 for other projects… You got it dead center, so if you wanted a grade from me I’d hook you up definitely with an A+.

      Mike Cole, Ontario, Canada
    • Holy crap. This thing is amazing. Utterly outperformed all expectations. What a beautiful beast! I’ve been driving signal through it. It’s exactly… I mean exactly… What I’d hoped for. I’ve been recording through a new ribbon mic that’s a bit dark but lovely. I ran mic-only recorded signal through your device, it simultaneously cut the abrasive boomy lows from the ribbon yet thickened up the low end at the same time, also restored a bit of oomph at the top end… I just want to go on record here, top-notch product and top-notch shipping.

      Matt Jackson, Topeka, Kansas
    • MPC 2000XL

      I’m speechless man. This 2000XL looks incredible! Damn word up this shit is worth every dollar I spent. I was watching a video earlier today of Bangladesh in the studio making the 6″7 beat. Dude was making it with the 2000XL. Ill ass beat but his machine was all beat up lol. The one that I’m getting from you is by far the dopest one I’ve ever seen… Dopest 2000xl that money can buy! Trustworthy seller with a passion for his craft…

      Kevin Casco, Los Angeles, CA
    • Noiseman Hat Army Shirt

      Noiseman MD! One of the most collaborative creative urban expressionist of Bay Area Hip Hop Culture. He has and still stays on the cutting edge of key element to elevate Hip Hop to the next level, combining Technology when necessary and staying true to it’s analog roots. When you work with MD you’re working with a true professional that consistently delivers above and beyond your expectations.

      Jim Young, San Jose, CA
    • MPC 2000XL

      The MPC from Big Noise was exactly what I was looking for…the custom bamboo bezel gave a unique look to a classic sampler, the fact that Noiseman hooked up the cards with Basic 7 and some other kits/samples was an added bonus. Couldn’t be happier, I’d suggest that any producer go out and cop one of these units!

      Cooper Lee, Daly City, CA

      Big Noise MPC is looking to revolutionize the world of entertainment by providing technical insight, as well as affordable resources to empower the music industry with a focus on the hip-hop community. The company’s goals have been recently reiterated with the launch of its new website and online store that offers a wide range of premium quality products and services to different stakeholders in the industry. The music industry has definitely evolved over the years and music makers, artistes as well as record labels have continuously contributed their quota to the development of the industry. However, the industry seems to be lacking a platform that comprehensively addresses the diverse needs of different members of the hip-hop community. This is where Big Noise MPC is looking to change the narrative with its all-inclusive website that offers quality analog / digital music production tools for the underground hip hop scene.

      The website is designed to cater to the needs of Deejay’s, Music Producers, Studio Engineers, Music Enthusiasts, and Hip Hop Heads by providing the right platform to drive the career growth and eventual success of every talented artist. BNR as a music community consists of the best artists and music producers within the hip-hop genre, providing the needed exposure for up and coming artists to succeed in the highly competitive music world. The platform also features radio shows, blog articles, interviews & social media posts; showcasing music, behind the scene technical insight, and lifestyle on all things related to underground hip hop music and culture.

      “Our mission is to provide technical insight, as well as affordable resources, that empower the community with knowledge and capability regarding audio engineering, music production, artist development, music history, and the power of self-achievement,” says Danny Carter aka Noiseman, founder of Big Noise MPC.

      The plethora of products offered on the newly launched site includes niche analog audio products such as passive Audio Transformers and Summing Mixers for quality sound recordings, unique American-made 500 Series audio modules from Philly. The store also offers custom drum and instrument sounds for drum machines and audio workstations as well as operating systems, and custom digital storage solutions for vintage sound equipment. Big Noise MPC also offers independent music and instrumental beat albums as well as audio mastering services for record labels. The company also strives to provide expertise regarding the latest music and techniques within the underground hip hop genera.

      Big Noise MPC | Music Production Cafe
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