Phillie “Paramount” Feat Boldy James Produced by Bronze Nazareth

Phillie “Paramount” Feat Boldy James Produced by Bronze Nazareth
Phillie “Paramount” Feat Boldy James Produced by Bronze Nazareth

Detroit’s gritty streets find their voice in Phillie’s latest album, “Welcome to the Detroit Zoo,” and the second single, “Paramount,” featuring Boldy James and produced by Bronze Nazareth, exemplifies the unfiltered narrative that defines this project. Black Day In July Productions, spearheaded by CEO Bronze Nazareth, has been crafting its independent music narrative since 2010. Home to Bronze Nazareth & The Wisemen, the label is committed to delivering masterful and timeless music, ensuring a pulse on quality in every release. Detroit has always been a place where musical styles and standards are defined.

“Welcome to the Detroit Zoo” isn’t just an album; it’s a raw, unapologetic expression of Phillie’s life journey through Detroit’s notorious ‘Number Streets.’ The hunger in Phillie’s delivery provides the album with a refreshingly honest feel, blending street poetry, profound lyricism, life lessons, and pure entertainment. In the midst of Detroit’s challenges, Phillie brings a unique perspective and a dash of humor, making his storytelling both relatable and impactful. Detroit’s urban struggle and inner city challenges are real.

Bronze Nazareth, a Wu Tang stalwart, takes the reins of production, crafting emotionally charged soundscapes that complement Phillie’s rhymes. “Welcome to the Detroit Zoo” offers a dual listening experience — you can immerse yourself in the music alone, letting the beats resonate, or you can delve into Phillie’s lyrics, embarking on a journey through the places and experiences he vividly paints.

“The hood is like a zoo, and I’m your tour guide, will you join me? All it costs is to pay a little attention to the lyrics. The beats by Bronze speak for themselves,” suggests Bronze Nazareth, inviting listeners to engage deeply with the multifaceted layers of Phillie’s narrative.

Phillie of Wisemen "Welcome To The Detroit Zoo" Produced by Bronze Nazareth | Bandcamp Audio

Published in January 2013: Phillie of Wisemen “Welcome To The Detroit Zoo.” All Tracks Produced by Bronze Nazareth, Except “Soldier’s Union” Produced by Kevlaar 7, A&R Direction by Phillie and Bronze Nazareth, Executive Production by Bronze Nazareth.

“Paramount” featuring Boldy James stands out as a testament to the collaborative prowess within this album. Boldy James, known for his lyrical prowess and authenticity, complements Phillie’s narrative seamlessly. Together, they navigate the sonic landscape constructed by Bronze Nazareth, creating a track that is both evocative and hard-hitting.

In a musical era often dominated by commercial gloss, “Welcome to the Detroit Zoo” harks back to the essence of storytelling in hip-hop. Phillie’s authenticity, Bronze Nazareth’s production finesse, and the collaborative synergy with Boldy James make “Paramount” a standout track in an album that seeks not just to entertain but to carve a lasting impression on the evolving canvas of hip-hop.

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