Video by Audible Doctor “Success (Part 1)” Featuring Emcee Chaundon

Video by Audible Doctor “Success (Part 1)” Featuring Emcee Chaundon
Video by Audible Doctor “Success (Part 1)” Featuring Emcee Chaundon

The Audible Doctor, a talented musician and producer hailing from the vibrant city of Madison, Wisconsin, is about to set the music world ablaze with his highly anticipated “I Think That…” EP, this EP is sure to be a game-changer in the industry. But that’s not all – the Audible Doctor is treating fans to a visual feast with the first music video from the EP, “Success (Part 1)” created in collaboration with the esteemed Civil Productions and a talented team of creatives. Bringing together his exceptional production skills, Audible Doctor has crafted a track that exudes energy and creativity. The beats are infectious, driving listeners to move and groove to the rhythm, while the seamless cuts by DJ Brace add a unique touch of turntablism. To top it off, the track features the lyrical prowess of Chaundon, whose powerful delivery and insightful lyrics perfectly complement Audible Doctor’s musical vision.

But it doesn’t stop there. The music video accompanying the track is a visual masterpiece, showcasing the remarkable talents of director and cinematographer Rob Levy, alongside the assistant direction of Joe Gherardi from Macro Films. Together, they have created an electrifying visual experience that perfectly captures the energy and spirit of the song. Tighten yourself for a thrilling journey as you immerse yourself in the dynamic world brought to life by the Audible Doctor and his team. One must look back to the Audible Doctor’s early years to comprehend his enduring love of music. He was enthralled by the power of music even as a young child, spending long hours on the kitchen floor with his toy keyboard and making what he lovingly referred to as his “muget” (music). His parents decided to foster his musical talents because they were aware of his outstanding talent. They gave him chances to develop, encouraging him to take piano lessons and eventually joining the city choir, where he discovered comfort and found his voice through the guitar. The true beginning of the Audible Doctor’s musical journey was through these formative encounters.

As he continued to evolve musically, the Audible Doctor discovered his true calling within the realm of hip-hop. The genre became his creative outlet, allowing him to channel his energy, drive, and passion into crafting soulful beats and compelling compositions. With each new project, he has consistently pushed the boundaries of his artistry, honing his skills as both a producer and a musician. Now, with the imminent release of the “I Think That…” EP, the Audible Doctor is ready to make his mark on the industry. This collection of tracks including “Success (Part 1)” promises to be a testament to his growth and evolution as an artist, captivating audiences with its infectious energy, clever wordplay, and thought-provoking lyrics. From start to finish, the EP will take listeners on an exhilarating sonic journey, showcasing the Audible Doctor’s ability to create music that resonates on a profound level.

The Audible Doctor Featuring Chaundon "Success (Part 1)" | Official YouTube Music Video

Published in August 2012: The Audible Doctor Feat. Chaundon “Success (Part 1)” Video by Civil Productions, Directed and Shot by Rob Levy, Assistant Direction by Joe Gherardi of Macro Films.

The Audible Doctor "I Think That..." EP Prod by Various Artists | Soundcloud Audio Stream

Published in August 2012: The Audible Doctor “I Think That…” EP, Produced by Audible Doctor and various artists. Cuts by DJ Brace.

So mark your calendars for September 25th and prepare yourself for a musical experience like no other. The Audible Doctor’s “I Think That…” EP is set to take the world by storm, leaving a lasting impact on the hip-hop landscape. And with the release of the visually stunning music video, courtesy of Civil Productions, directed by the talented Rob Levy and assistant directed by Joe Gherardi of Macro Films, fans can expect an energetic and engaging multimedia extravaganza. Get ready to immerse yourself in the artistic brilliance of the Audible Doctor and witness the next chapter in his remarkable musical journey.

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