Cyrano Sinatra And Centric “Proud Of Me” Produced by CENTRiC

Cyrano Sinatra And Centric “Proud Of Me” Produced by CENTRiC
Cyrano Sinatra And Centric “Proud Of Me” Produced by CENTRiC

Following last week’s presidential election, Eargasm Entertainment, LLC artist Cyrano Sinatra (Greenville, NC native), decided to share a previously unreleased, personal track called “Proud of Me.” Produced by Bay-area native Centric (credits include Sean Price, Rapper Big Pooh, Black Rob, Kool G Rap, etc), the track is an emotional tribute to Sinatra’s late father who passed away 12 years ago on election day.

Around 9am on NOV. 8, 2000 (ANOTHER PRESiDENTiAL ELECTiON DAY), my Father, James L. Ebron Jr died from a massive heart attack…on that day, and on every Presidential election day SINCE, I have dealt with a myriad of emotions and personal struggles. Part of this is due to my personal philosophies on politics, some of which preceded my Father’s death, while other stances and opinions developed since his passing. Part of my Election Day discontent, of course, is due to the heaviness of my Father’s absence from this world, and my life. My mother and I have trudged on, she in her way and I in mine. We remain a family, but we notice that chair, the Head chair, always empty at our personal holiday dinners.

I honestly did not take my music seriously until well after my Father’s passing, but it was that date that inspired one of the most heartfelt, personal songs that I have written. It is this song, also the 1st song that I ever did with uberproducer/artist Centric. I have never really RELEASED this song, primarily because it IS so personal to me, and I am not sure if any honest opinions of it in the negative may effect me in a negative way. But, having the faith that I have in God, and the stance that I carry in HipHop, I know 2 things…1) like me, hate me, diss me, #iEMCEE that is all and 2) On the day the USA “elected” one of its Commander-In-Chiefs, God elevated my earthly “Commander-In-Chief” to his Heavenly reward…ALL praises due to God, and R.I.P. 2 my Pop, James Lee Ebron Jr (AKA “Junior”)!! #SALUTE

Cyrano Sinatra And Centric "Proud Of Me" Produced by CENTRiC | Bandcamp

Introspection music from NC native Cyrano Sinatra, prod by HipHop maestro CENTRiC for Free At Last Music. Free At Last Music Assassin, Backpackers Anonymous Griot, Eargasm Entertainment Yoda, 1/2 of dynamic duo SteadyFlow…Known for dropping classic mixtapes, albums & features. Your favorite emcee’s emcee.

Artist Contact Info:
Cyrano Aka CyYung | Twitter | Band Camp | Facebook

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