Neek The Exotic “Real Deal Hip-Hop” Produced by BBAS Audible Doctor

Neek The Exotic “Real Deal Hip-Hop” Produced by BBAS Audible Doctor
Neek The Exotic “Real Deal Hip-Hop” Produced by BBAS Audible Doctor

In the ever-evolving landscape of hip-hop, where trends come and go, there are artists who stand the test of time, remaining true to the essence of the genre. One such luminary is Neek The Exotic, a legendary figure hailing from Flushing, Queens. Armed with raw talent and an authentic voice, Neek has been a staple in the hip-hop world since his impressive debut on Main Source’s classic track “Fakin’ The Funk” back in 1992. Now, he’s back with a scintillating EP that’s bound to set the underground scene ablaze. Ill Adrenaline Records, a label renowned for delivering classic releases, proudly presents Neek The Exotic’s latest gem: “Comin’ In Piles.” This EP is a testament to Neek’s unwavering dedication to the craft of real deal hip-hop. With each track, he demonstrates why he’s considered a true legend in the game. Lyrics delivered over beats crafted by Audible Doctor’s prodigious touch.

Neek’s illustrious career has seen him drop underground gems, always backed by the unmatched talent of Large Professor, whether on vocals or production. Their long-standing collaboration has produced timeless hip-hop moments. However, with “Comin’ In Piles,” Neek decided to step out from under Large Pro’s shadow and showcase his prowess as a solo artist.

At the heart of the EP lies the underground smash hit “Get The City Warm,” featuring the incomparable talents of Bumpy Knuckles and Satchel Page. This track sets the tone for the entire project, serving up a dose of unapologetic, rough, and rugged hip-hop that hip-hop purists crave. Neek The Exotic’s collaborations with esteemed producers elevate “Comin’ In Piles” to new heights. The EP features phenomenal production by Confidence, a force in the hip-hop world known for his work with Rashad and Purpose & Confidence.

Additionally, the Audible Doctor, a key member of the Brown Bag AllStars, brings his prodigious touch to the project, infusing it with a fresh and captivating sound. As if that wasn’t enough, the EP also includes tracks produced by Ras Beats and Tommy Tee, with the bonus track “Overseas With Officials” featuring none other than Large Professor, a nod to their enduring partnership. “Comin’ In Piles” is a masterclass in authentic hip-hop, a project that reminds us why Neek The Exotic is a true luminary in the game. His lyrical prowess and the seamless production by some of the finest names in the industry create an EP that leaves a lasting impact on listeners.

Neek The Exotic Feat DJ JS-1 "Real Deal Hip-Hop" Prod by The Audible Doctor | YouTube Video

Published In December 2012: Neek The Exotic feat. DJ JS-1 “Real Deal Hip-Hop”, Produced by The Audible Doctor, Released by Ill Adrenaline Records, Directed by Jimmy Giambrone.

With Neek The Exotic’s magnetic energy and undeniable talent, “Comin’ In Piles” is sure to resonate with both die-hard hip-hop fans and new listeners alike. This project is a celebration of the roots of the genre, delivering that raw and unfiltered hip-hop experience that has been sorely missed in the mainstream. Big Noise Radio strives to fill in the gaps with authentic inner city artists and music.

So, if you’re searching for a dose of real deal hip-hop that harkens back to the golden era while still sounding refreshingly contemporary, look no further than Neek The Exotic’s “Comin’ In Piles.” Get ready to be captivated by the authentic sounds of a true hip-hop legend, backed by the genius production of Audible Doctor and other notable beatmakers. This EP is a must-add to your hip-hop collection, promising an engaging and exciting auditory journey through the soul of the genre.

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