DJ EFN Project “Another Time” Exclusive Big Noise Interview

DJ EFN Project “Another Time” Exclusive Big Noise Interview
DJ EFN Project “Another Time” Exclusive Big Noise Interview

There’s something going on… nationwide, worldwide, this real hip-hop music is taking new root. No doubt, the teamwork we see on the “Another Time” project from Miami DJ, EFN is phenomenal. This is most definitely reminiscent of the golden era days. Hip-hop universal united. We definitely salute DJ EFN, and hope this leads to more collaborations between underground legends and hot new rappers.

A fan of the mixtapes emanating from New York City, DJ EFN began producing mixtapes of his own because no one else in Miami was. “There was no consistent mixtape DJ in Miami, no one who ever really played the music from Miami,” he said in an interview with Julia Beverly of Ozone magazine. “Everybody listened to DJ Clue or Tony Touch. It was good music, but I didn’t want to hear shouts to Brooklyn or the Bronx. I wanted to shout out Miami and help to put on the local cats.

DJ EFN is an American record label executive and DJ, based in Miami, who specializes in hip-hop. Since the early 1990s, operating most often under the banner of Crazy Hood Productions, EFN has promoted hip-hop culture in a variety of capacities, including as a mixtape producer, album producer, A&R consultant, radio host, marketing / promotions specialist, clothing retailer, artist manager and film producer. In fall 2004, Boston’s t.r.u.e. magazine noted, “Crazy Hood Productions remains a pillar in Miami, as it has been for the better part of ten years.” We caught up with DJ EFN…

Q. Big Noise: Peace DJEFN, we really appreciate you taking time out for the interview, how are you?
A. DJEFN: I am well, thanks, and thank you for helping me get the word out on my project.

Q. Big Noise: Looks like you’re doing your thing. Where are you originally from, where is home now?
A. DJEFN: I was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in Miami, Florida. Miami is home but I have family in LA so I regularly travel back & forth. So I am a Miami boy but I am still connected to my west coast roots. My parents are Cuban so I also have those strong Cuban roots as well.

Q. Big Noise: Hip-hop culture is life changing. Can you tell us about your first hip hop experience?
A. DJEFN: Not sure I can pin point my first encounter or experience with hip hop because hip hop music slowly crept into my life. I grew up loving all music and hip hop was always in the mix but it wasn’t until I was in junior high that I discovered hip hop as a culture. Once I realized hip hop was a culture in its infancy I knew I wanted to get in on the ground level. I was already living the lifestyle but I wanted to be more proactive in the development of our local scene.

Q. Big Noise: You produce and DJ, what year did you make your first mixtape? How many made to date?
A. DJEFN: Before I could afford turntables I would make ‘Pause Tapes’ which was the bootleg way of making mixes without turntables using two tape decks. I made my first ‘Pause Tapes’ in the late 80’s early 90’s. My first official mixtape using turntables was released in the summer of 1993. I am not exactly sure how many mixtapes to date I have made or been a part of but its probably well into the hundreds. My official series reached about 40 releases.

Q. Big Noise: There’s a lot of good music out there, what’s your all time favorite hip hop record?
A. DJEFN: That is a difficult question for any DJ. I can’t say I have just one and its hard to even name ten! Some of my favorites are NWA “Staight Outta Compton”, Common “Soul by The Pound Remix”, Redman “Tonights Da Night”, Run DMC “Down With The King”, Public Enemy “Fight The Power”, Ice Cube “Summer Vacation”, Pete Rock & CL Smooth “TROY”, Naughty by Nature “Uptown Anthem”, Outkast “Southernplayalisticadillacmuzi”, Mother Superia “Rock bottom” and I can just keep going! LOL

Q. Big Noise: What year was Crazy Hood Productions established? Is it a record label? Can you elaborate?
A. DJEFN: Crazy Hood Productions was established in the summer of 1993 and has evolved to be many things. I like calling it a multi media company. We are an indie label, a marketing company, a management company (We manage ¡Mayday!, Wrekonize, Garcia, Heckler, and producers Big Drain, and BeatsnDahood), an event coordinator, and even a small clothing line. In recent years we have expanded to do film with our sister company; Crazy Hood Film Academy. We currently have a documentary film airing on Revolt TV and two more in the works that will also air on Revolt TV in the next few months. The series is called ‘Coming Home’ and its a film series where we explore countries through their hip hop scene. The first film explores Cuba, the next two are Peru and Haiti. We also have a short film called “Avaricious” which is doing the festival rounds right now and has already won best Florida Short at the Key West Film Festival and was recently accepted at The Canne Film Festival’s Short film Corner.

Q. Big Noise: Can independent artist send you music? If so, how should they go about that?
A. DJEFN: Yes they can and the best way would be to submit through our site contact page.

Q. Big Noise: You have several releases out at the moment, can you drop some names, whats next for DJEFN?
A. DJEFN: I have steadily been releasing tracks off my upcoming “Another Time” project. A couple of them are “If U Run” featuring Crooked I aka Kxng Crooked, Webbz and Killer Mike, “Warrior” featuring David Banner, Sizzla, NORE and Jon Connor and recently I released “Who’s Crazy?” featuring DJ Premier, Troy Ave, Stalley and Scarface.

Q. Big Noise: Yeah I’m feeling that, sounds dope! Any tours or shows coming up?
A. DJEFN: Other then my album release party on March 5th I really dont have anything planned. This project was something I just wanted to do just to do. It really wasn’t something where I was trying to make a serious play for touring and putting myself out there like that. The artist I manage are more of a priority when it comes to tours and opportunities. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against doing certain things so I guess I would just evaluate opportunities as they come. This really was a passion project that I wanted to create without the pressure of having to cater to a certain audience or live up to certain expectations.

Q. Big Noise: We really appreciate you taking time out to speak with us. Any shouts or last words?
A. DJEFN: Shout out to my entire Crazy Hood family, my ¡Mayday! family, my homie Nomadic Trackz who helped me put the project together and to everyone out there sharing, tweeting, posting and helping me get the word out. Shout to yall for reaching out! Thanks!

DJ EFN Feat Troy Ave, Scarface & Stalley "Who's Crazy" Produced by DJ Premier

Published on March 2015: DJ EFN featuring Troy Ave, Scarface, Stalley & DJ Premier “Who’s Crazy” Produced by DJ Premier, Released by Crazy Hood, Audio Stream via Sound Cloud.

About The Project: Miami’s Mixtape King DJ EFN Preps Star-Studded Debut LP “Another Time”, featuring guest appearances and production From DJ Premier, Killer Mike, David Banner, Fashawn, Troy Ave, Scarface, Stalley, Talib Kweli, Redman, Royce Da 5’9”, Black Milk, Bun B & Many More. “Another Time” released March 2015, “I’m trying to embody the spirit of mixtapes with my first all original album” DJ EFN.

After already securing premieres with Complex, Noisey, Mass Appeal, Hotnewhiphop and Ambrosiaforheads, Miami’s mixtape king, DJ EFN, will release his debut album, Another Time, on 3-3-15.

DJ EFN states “the goal for my debut was to feature a combination of Pioneers / Legends and current new spitters as well as up-and-coming Miami emcees” and with Another Time, EFN has more then accomplished that goal, as the star-studded project features guest appearances and production from a virtual who’s who list of legendary and upcoming artists including INS Deck, Guilty Simpson, M.O.P., Cormega, Bun B, Jarren Benton, Black Milk, David Banner, Jon Connor, N.O.R.E., Fashawn, Troy Ave, Scarface, Stalley, Juvenile, Talib Kweli, Redman, KXNG Crooked, Sean Price, Trick Daddy, Denzel Curry, Joell Ortiz, Gunplay, Royce Da 5’9″ & Your Old Droog (among others) & production from DJ Premier & Buckwild.

In addition, to the release of Another Time, DJ EFN is also finalizing a deal for his “Coming Home” documentary film series (EFN’s “Coming Home” Cuba film is currently airing on Revolt TV) which examines hip-hop’s role and relationship with other International cultures. EFN’s new deal will enable him to bring the next two installments (which will center on Peru & Haiti) of the “Coming Home” documentary series to light.

Artist Contact Info:
DJ EFN | Twitter | Instagram

Act like you know… Big Noise Radio for authentic hip-hop music and culture from DJ EFN!

Interview: MRC | BNR | EFN
Editor: Noiseman
Image: DJ EFN

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