Dice Academy Lost Tapes “The Uprising” Underground Mixtape

  • Dice Academy Lost Tapes "The Uprising" | BNR.
  • Paranom Purpose Godiva holding a frame on Life Outside The Frame cover-art.
    Dice Academy Lost Tapes “The Uprising” Underground Mixtape

    The Uprising is a beastly compilation project brought to you by The Dice Academy Lost Tapes, which brings that raw adrenaline fueled hardcore hip-hop sound you’ve been missing back to the forefront. Nostalgic golden era flavor on some soulful hip hop ish. Peep a variety of smooth gully styles over some interesting, as well as classic sample chops. This is definitely a hip hop head favorite for your underground playlist.

    Over a soundbed of knocking tracks, ‘The Uprising’ unites the emcees of tomorrow with some of the cultures established veterans. Amongst others ‘The Uprising’ includes new and previously unreleased music by Hell Razah, MF Grimm, SiLent Knight, MidaZ The Beast, Da Beatminerz, Rasheed Chappell, Paranom & Purpose and more, with introduction to MD’s Tokyo Cigar, MA’s Tony Moreaux and Manti Carlo. Check out the sounds, let us know what you think.

    Dice Academy & The Lost Tapes "The Uprising" | Audiomack Stream / Download

    Executive Produced by M-Credible (of M-Phatik Soundz). In Association with Gravity Control Music. Arranged & Compiled by J. Ekberg and Tokyo Cigar.

    01. Silent Knight – This Is It “Remix” (Produced by Varan)
    02. Heavenly Cartel (Hell Razah & Tokyo Cigar) – Book of 7 Fists “Remix”
    03. Tony Moreaux – Numbers On The Board “Freestyle”
    04. DJ Duke & Spicco – Operation Condor (Produced by DJ Duke)
    05. Paranom & Purpose – Godiva (Produced By Purpose)
    06. Soundsci – Entrapment (Produced by Ollie Teeba) “of The Process”
    07. Tokyo Cigar & The Militia – Thin Rope (Produced By The Militia)
    08. ASN – Everybody Got It (Produced by Da Beatminerz)
    09. The Iceberg Theory – ARC “Interlude” (Produced by Tokyo Cigar)
    10. Keb0 – Downfall (Produced by Tokyo Cigar)
    11. Manti Carlo – Half of The Pie (Produced by M-Credible)
    12. Tony Moreaux – 3 AM in Lynne “Freestyle”
    13. Blue Legacy – Sushi (Produced by Tokyo Cigar)
    14. Blue Legacy – Benjamins Feat Iceberg Theory, Tokyo Cigar, Tony Moreaux, Frozenberg & Manti Carlo
    15. Tribe of Judah – The Spill (Produced by Black Jeruz)
    16. Rasheed Chappell – Connect Thoughts “Remix” (Produced by Tokyo Cigar)
    17. Prince Original – Freestyle (Produced by Tokyo Cigar)
    18. MidaZ The Beast – F.N.U. (Produced By Tough Junkie)
    19. Tony Moreaux – Incarcerated Scarfaces “Freestyle”
    20. MF Grimm & Drasar Monumental – Time (Produced by Drasar Monumental)
    21. 7 G.E.M.S. Tragic Allies & Tragedy Khadafi, Roc Marciano, Presume The Unpredictable Prod by Purpose
    22. ASN – Calling Out “and the list goes on…” (Produced by Tokyo Cigar)

    Artist Contact Info:
    Tokyo Cigar | Twitter
    J. Ekberg | Facebook | Soundcloud | Website

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    Article: Dice Academy
    Editor: Noiseman & La Mont
    Image: Uprising

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