Mandala Vol 1 & 2 Hip Hop Compilations From Mello Music Group

  • Mello Music Group Mandala Vol.01 album cover-art print.
  • Mello Music Group Mandala Vol.02 album cover-art print.
    Mandala Vol 1 & 2 Hip Hop Compilations From Mello Music Group

    Speaking of Mello Music Group Mandala, Big Noise is an avid supporter of anything Mello Music Group related. So you know we’ve got to show love when the underrated independent label provides us with not one, but two dope unbelievable compilations. MMG continues to be a significant contributor to independent music scene, an important player. Here’s to hoping the Mandala Series doesn’t end after just two volumes!

    Both of these amazing compilations clock in at 36 tracks, songs vary between instrumentals, posse cuts, artist collaborations and individual performances. Oddisee has two tracks where he holds down the boards and the rhymes. The artists on these projects continue to contribute to hip-hop music and culture through ongoing releases and music you can find on BNR.

    Being a label compilation, all of MMG’s signees get to shine on Polysonic Flows and Today’s Mathematics, whether it be emceeing, producing, or both. Exclusively featured artists include yU of Oddisee’s Diamond District, Has-Lo, Quelle Chris, Georgia Anne Muldrow, L’orange, Dudley Perkins, Denmark Vessey, Audible Doctor, Fredro Starr, Rapper Big Pooh, Stik Figa (KC!) Verbal Kent, Gensu Dean, Murs, Apollo Brown, 14KT, Blacastan, and many more.

    Mandala Vol. 1 "Polysonic Flows" via Mello Music Group | Bandcamp Audio

    Mandala Vol. 1, Polysonic Flows is the fourth Mello Music Group compilation – previous compilations include Mental Liberation, Helpless Dreamer, and Self Sacrifice. It’s also perhaps our best to date.

    Mandala Vol. 2 "Today’s Mathematics" by Mello Music Group | Bandcamp Audio

    Acting as both an ideal introduction to the Mello Music Group roster for newer listeners and a celebration of the strength of the label for existing fans, Mandala Vol. 2, Today’s Mathematics is an essential experience for anyone with an ear for soulful music that isn’t afraid to stay down to earth while shooting for the stars.

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    Article: Quinn Conrad
    Editor: Noiseman
    Image: MMG

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