Supastition’s Explosive Return with “Yada Yada” from “The Blackboard EP”

Supastition’s Explosive Return with “Yada Yada” from “The Blackboard EP”
Supastition’s Explosive Return with “Yada Yada” from “The Blackboard EP”

Hip-hop fans, get ready for a seismic return to the scene as Supastition breaks his silence with the adrenaline-charged single “Yada Yada,” produced by the one and only Marco Polo. This electrifying track is the first glimpse into the upcoming “The Blackboard EP,” marking Supastition’s triumphant reentry into the world of music. The single’s explosive energy is only a taste of what this EP promises, set to be released in January 2013 on Supastition’s Bandcamp. In “Yada Yada,” Supastition delivers a powerful message that hits harder than ever. The track serves as a wake-up call to those who shoot off their mouths without thinking.

With precision and authority, Supastition’s lyrical prowess dismantles the bravado of would-be talkers and serves up a potent reminder to check oneself before spouting off. Backed by Marco Polo’s signature production, the song’s raw energy demands attention from the get-go. The accompanying black and white YouTube video is a visual treat that complements the track’s urban grit. Set against an industrial backdrop, the video exudes the same unapologetic attitude that “Yada Yada” brings to the table.

“The Blackboard EP” is a return to emceeing’s roots, it isn’t just a music project; it’s a heartfelt expression of gratitude from Supastition to his dedicated fans. Following his hiatus from the music scene in 2010, Supastition returns with an 8-track digital EP that serves as a testament to his artistry. The EP, available for free, is a token of appreciation to those who stood by him during his time away. The project embodies Supastition’s commitment to the fundamental elements of emceeing. “The Blackboard EP” takes a nostalgic journey, channeling the vintage sounds that have defined Supastition’s career since his debut album in 2002. It’s a return to the roots of hip-hop, a tribute to the raw energy and authenticity that the genre was built upon. It’s the real deal!

Supastition "Yada Yada" Produced by Marco Polo | Official YouTube Music Video

Published in December 2012: Supastition “Yada Yada”, Produced by Marco Polo, Directed by Shamus Coneys of Spacecraft Films.

Supastition "The Blackboard EP" Produced by Various Artists | Bandcamp Audio Stream

Published in January 2013: Supastition ft. Faust & Shortee “The Blackboard EP”, Produced by Rik Marvel.

A Fusion of Amazing Hip Hop Talent: "The Blackboard EP" Collaborations

“The Blackboard EP” is a showcase of collaborations that elevate the project to new heights. It features the critically acclaimed “Yada Yada,” the conceptually rich “Best Worst Day,” and the boom-bap-infused “Indestructible.” The EP’s guest appearances are curated with care, featuring the dynamic DJ duo Faust & Shortee, and the powerhouse German-based vocalist Dominique.

The production of “The Blackboard EP” is a testament to Supastition’s discerning taste in authentic hip hop music. Longtime producers such as Marco Polo, M-Phazes, Veterano, the Mighty DR, Croup, Rik Marvel, and Dirty Art Club lend their expertise, resulting in a sonic tapestry that’s both diverse and cohesive. No doubt a hip hop classic.

A Resounding Return – Supastition’s reentry into the music scene with “Yada Yada” and “The Blackboard EP” is more than just a comeback; it’s a proclamation. With an unyielding dedication to his craft and a commitment to delivering music that resonates with authenticity, Supastition’s return is poised to shake the foundations of hip-hop. So mark your calendars for January 2013, because “The Blackboard EP” promises to be a bold testament to the enduring power of true emceeing.

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