Supastition “Eardrum” Single “Honest Living” EP Prod by Croup

  • Supastition sketch rendering on Honest Living EP cover-art.
  • Supastition X Croup Honest Living EP cover-art back side.
    Supastition “Eardrum” Single “Honest Living” EP Prod by Croup

    Eardrum is the new single by Supastition off his upcoming EP, ‘Honest Living’. The EP is entirely produced by Croup (Germany) and will be made available on February 18th, 2014 via Bandcamp. To stream, download or share the new single “Supastition Eardrum” , please check any the AudioMack player below. Thanks in advance for listening – your support is greatly appreciated!

    The Honest Living EP is a collection of songs dedicated to the working class and loosely inspired by NC’s failing economy. Supastition was inspired to write the EP after NC became the first state to eliminate federal unemployment benefits in 2013. A lot of people, including Supa, felt the effects of it. While he was searching for a job himself, Supastition documented those struggles first hand with the Honest Living EP. Croup is no stranger to Supastition music. They recorded their first official song (Adrenaline) on Supastition’s The Deadline. Since then, they’ve been working together and crafting songs. Croup is one of the few producers who didn’t change his sound just to get major placements. As a unit, Supa and Croup both refuse to compromise their sound and only care to appeal to those who dig that vintage sounding hip hop.

    Thank you to all of the supporters worldwide who gave this EP an honest listen. If you’re loving the music then please spread the word to those who you think will enjoy it as much as you do.

    Supastition Eardrum Single From The "Honest Living" EP | Audiomack

    Emcee Supastition "Honest Living" EP Produced by Croup | Bandcamp

    Dedicated to the working class… To download the Supastition Eardrum EP for FREE, please input $0.00 and you will receive your free download. Any additional support is greatly appreciated and will help fund future projects. Your download comes with an EXCLUSIVE lyric book, full album art and promotional flyers.

    Artist Contact Info:
    Supastition | Twitter | Bandcamp | Website

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    Article: SavOne
    Editor: Noiseman
    Image: Supastition

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