Rome Streetz “The Ugliest” From The Noise Kandy 4 Album

  • Noise Kandy 4 album cover, Rome Streetz mirror image on razor-blade.
  • Noise Kandy 4 album cover, Rome Streetz mirror image on razor-blade.
    Rome Streetz “The Ugliest” From The Noise Kandy 4 Album

    Rome Streetz “The Ugliest” East coast rapper delivers yet again… I won’t disrespect the Southern rap legends by saying the best rappers come from the East Coast. However, the East Coast tends to produce the “rapper’s rapper.” There is something about that region, possibly because it’s the home of rap. That standard holds true for Brooklyn rapper Rome Streetz, an emerging Hip Hop artist. Rome is a NY emcee that has proved his talent throughout his last 9 albums. His most recent album, Noise Kandy 4, was released in 2020 along with the single “The Ugliest.” The song is 3 minutes of straight fire. Streetz’s flow is restless! it’s gonna take you some time to process all the wordplay because they hit one after the other in quick succession. Be on the lookout for this single in rotation on Big Noise Radio.

    In the true form of a good song (The Ugliest), the first verse goes the hardest and sets the bar high for the rest of the track. The lyrics are somewhat analytical of self and environment. Yet, it holds your attention and excites. One of the most thought-provoking lines comes in the first verse: “Play the game, understand highs and lows come with it. I seen it both in plenty ways, I know Kufi and Money Mitch. Bad rich bitches, and depressed hoes who cut they wrist. I say all that to say, N*ggas can’t fuck with this.” The mention of the good and bad, the reference to Money Mitch, women, mental health, and the arrogant “mic drop” type phrase at the end… the line is everything Hip Hop.

    Produced by Wavy Da Ghawd, the track has a unique sound that’s nostalgic. Listening to the different sounds that make up the production gives a mix of familiar feelings that’s reminiscent of 70s funk, euphoria, blaxploitation films, and maybe even a little Kung Fu. The old school R&B chops with the mixture of soulful drums and flute sound that take you on a journey as you take-in Streetz’s verses over the melodic harmony.

    Rome Streetz Noise Kandy 4 "The Ugliest" Produced by Wavy Da Ghawd | YouTube Video

    Published on 24 Jun 2020: Rome Streetz “The Ugliest” Produced by Wavy Da Ghawd Released by The Orchard Music (on behalf of Bad Influenyce), Directed by Video Dir. REVENXNT, Filmed by Dir. REVENXNT, Edited by Futurewave.

    Rome matches the prowess of his producer. Top-notch wordplay and anecdotal life lessons can be found throughout the song as well as the album. Streetz released an official video for the song. Also, it came out last month. Set in Brooklyn, in the video, Streetz is seen moving a razor blade around in his mouth. The razor blade is symbolic of so much; his mouth (rhymes) being lethal, the theme of being ready for “war,” and the historical context – anyone born in the early 90s and before have heard a razor blade story. The video is a true New York visual.

    Rome Streetz is a Brooklyn Native who first appeared on the scene in 2015 with his mixtape Rolled Stone The Mixtape. He started receiving recognition in 2018 with his mixtape Street Farmacy. Before his break in the states, Rome Streetz spent three years in London, where he spent time finding his stride as an artist.

    I’ve said all that to say, a lot of emcees can’t mess with this. Nuff said, check out the video above.

    Artist Contact Info:
    Rome Streetz | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
    Wavy Da Ghawd | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

    Keep it locked to Big Noise Radio for authentic hip-hop music and culture from Rome Streetz & Wavy Da Ghawd!

    Article: Lauren Thomas
    Editor: Noiseman & Victor T
    Image: The Orchard Music

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