Hip Hop Duo Madoa & Sudan 6ix “My Era” Official Single Release

Hip Hop Duo Madoa & Sudan 6ix “My Era” Official Single Release
Hip Hop Duo Madoa & Sudan 6ix “My Era” Official Single Release

This is the lead single off of the forthcoming EP, The Poet and 6ix, by Madoa & Sudan 6ix. Produced entirely by Sudan 6ix with lyrics by Madoa. The Drop Squad. Consisting of Botti and Madoa, The Drop Squad’s aim is to initiate a musical revolution that transcends Hip-Hop. Check out their celebrated debut, The Drop, and stay tuned for future releases. If you love good music, don’t keep it a secret, spread the word.

This is Madoa, 1/2 of The Drop Squad. I would like everybody to peep the single “My Era” by Madoa & Sudan 6ix. “My Era,” produced by Sudan 6ix, features Madoa on the vocals. I appreciate everybody for your support because without it it would be hard for us to get heard.

Short Bio: Madoa is an American emcee and member of the hip-hop group The Drop Squad. Sudan 6ix is a producer and emcee who hails from Fayetteville, NC but currently resides in Raleigh. Madoa and Sudan 6ix, after meeting through mutual friends and developing a lasting friendship based on their love of hip-hop, decided to collaborate on an EP. The forthcoming EP is titled The Poet and 6ix. Stay tuned.

Hip Hop Duo Madoa & Sudan 6ix "My Era" Official Single Release | Audiomack

Download for free @ thedropsquad.bandcamp.com/track/my-era. Artwork done by Ojutobi Ekunfeo @ Oeillustration.com

Artist Contact Info:
Drop Squad 2 | Twitter | Bandcamp | Tumblr

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Article: Madoa
Editor: Noiseman
Image: Madoa

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