Luv NY Roc Marciano, Kool Keith, AG & OC From DITC, Kurious | Fatbeats

Luv NY Roc Marciano, Kool Keith, AG & OC From DITC, Kurious | Fatbeats
Luv NY Roc Marciano, Kool Keith, AG & OC From DITC, Kurious | Fatbeats

Prepare to be transported back to the golden era of New York hip-hop with Luv NY, a super group comprising some of the most influential figures in the city’s rap scene. With Roc Marciano, Kool Keith, AG & OC from DITC, and Kurious, and production by the talented Ray West, Luv NY brings together the Bronx, Long Island, Brooklyn, and Manhattan under one banner, creating a historical fusion of talent and artistry. What sets Luv NY apart is the collective understanding of rap and the shared memories of how New York City shaped the culture of hip-hop. Each member brings their unique style to the table: the minimalist brilliance of Roc Marciano, Kool Keith’s unrestrained imagination, and the purism of AG and OC from DITC. It’s a meeting of minds that not only celebrates the past but also renews the spirit of sharing, conviviality, and unadorned rap that was once the essence of the genre.

In an age where rap groups struggle to come together, Luv NY defies the odds and creates a new dynamic that has been missing from present-day rap. It’s a tribute to the city’s energy and universality, a celebration of the Big Apple’s influence on an entire generation of music lovers. While modern NY rap may have lost some of its vigor and soul, Luv NY is on a mission to revive the city’s essence – the driving force that once dictated codes, set trends, and radiated its energy throughout the country and the world. This album takes us back to a time when anything could happen at a street corner, when rap was raw, unpretentious, and filled with unadorned stories.

Luv NY’s ethereal productions transport us to memories of another time and place, far from the gentrified rap of today. It’s a heartfelt tribute to the New York that once was – a city of boundless possibilities and creative expression. NY may have changed, but Luv NY invites us to cherish its history, celebrate its legacy, and embrace the spirit that made it a cultural epicenter. This super group is more than just a collaboration; it’s a celebration of the city’s energy, its impact on the world, and its everlasting influence on the art of hip-hop.

Let Luv NY be the time machine that takes you back to the heart of New York hip-hop, where the beats were raw, the lyrics were authentic, and the culture was thriving. It’s a journey through time that pays homage to the past while paving the way for a future where the essence of NY rap continues to shine brightly.

LUV NY "These Rappers Under The Hex" AG & Ray West | Official YouTube Music Video

Published in January 2013: LUV NY Featuring AG & Ray West “These Rappers Under The Hex”, Produced by Ray West.

The Super Group Consisting of "ROC Marciano, Kool Keith, AG, OC & Kurious" | YouTube Video

Published in June 2012: LUV NY Teaser “The Super Group consisting of ROC Marciano, Kool Keith, Ag, OC, Kurious”, Produced by Ray West. 

01. Intro
02. Legacy feat. O.C.
03. Egyptology feat. A.G. & Roc Marciano
04. Snake Charmer feat. A.G., Kurious & Dave Dar
05. Extreme Status feat. A.G. & Kool Keith
06. The Ritual feat. Sean G
07. Shorties Watching feat. Kurious
08. These Rappers Under The Hex feat. A.G.
09. Last Night Finesse feat. Dave Dar
10. I Been Luvin U feat. Kool Keith
11. Pressure Up feat. Kool Keith & Roc Marciano
12. The Blues Got Ya feat. A.G.
13. Acid feat. O.C.
14. Random feat. A.G.

Label Contact Info:
Ascetic Music | Twitter | Facebook | Website
Red Apples 45 INC | Website

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Article: Big Noise
Editor: Noiseman
Image: Roc Marciano

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