J. Bizness & The Black Opera Collaborate “Giraffes” via Mello Music Group

J. Bizness & The Black Opera Collaborate “Giraffes” via Mello Music Group
J. Bizness & The Black Opera Collaborate “Giraffes” via Mello Music Group

Since its release in August, J. Bizness’ instrumental album, “Flight Plan,” has been soaring high, earning accolades from fans and critics alike. As the first installment in Mello Music Group’s Instrumental Series, the album boasts 24 selections with a crisp, spacey sound that captures the essence of freedom and flight. Pushing the boundaries of sound production, “Flight Plan” showcases J. Bizness as a hip-hop artist unafraid to explore new sonic territories. While incorporating electronic elements, the album maintains its authentic hip-hop identity and flavor. MMG delivers another solid project.

As a celebratory bonus when “Flight Plan” dropped, Mello Music Group surprised fans with a track featuring The Black Opera over one of J. Bizness’ mesmerizing instrumentals. The result was “Giraffes,” a captivating testament to the dark allure of addiction. Now, both artists proudly unveil the visuals for “Giraffes,” brought to life by director Andy Madeleine. The video delves into the story of a young woman descending into the dangerous grip of substance abuse. Set to J. Bizness’ smooth, electronic, and ethereal production, The Black Opera delivers a morality tale that resonates deeply. Now more than every addiction effects our community.

“Giraffes” stands as a powerful collaboration, bringing together two of Mello Music Group’s finest artists to create material that will stand the test of time. J. Bizness’ “Flight Plan” and The Black Opera’s “Libretto: of King Legend” are both available for fans to purchase or stream on their preferred platforms. The combination of J. Bizness’ innovative instrumentals and The Black Opera’s thought-provoking lyricism creates a memorable and impactful listening experience.

Don’t miss out on the magic of “Giraffes” as J. Bizness and The Black Opera take you on a sonic journey that transcends boundaries and challenges conventions. With their exceptional talents combined, these artists have crafted a piece of art that will leave a lasting impression on the world of hip-hop and beyond. So, buckle up and prepare for an unforgettable flight with “Giraffes” by MMG!

J. Bizness and The Black Opera Collaborate on "Giraffes" via Mello Music Group | YouTube Video

Published in November 2012: The Black Opera “Giraffes” Produced by J.Bizness and Directed by Andy Madeleine.

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J. Bizness | Website | Facebook
The Black Opera | Twitter

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Article: Big Noise
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Image: J. Bizness

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