Hasan Salaam “Music Is My Weapon” Urban Outreach Project

Hasan Salaam “Music Is My Weapon” Urban Outreach Project
Hasan Salaam “Music Is My Weapon” Urban Outreach Project

I cannot begin to explain how blessed it is to be a part of this project. Not only does Guinea-Bissau have to deal with the political and historical struggles of post-colonial Africa, but people have to face the day-to-day struggles that very few people here in America have ever experienced, and some cannot begin to fathom. Drinking water: something we have on tap in our homes, public fountains, and even bottled up for choice of brand, is very difficult to get in many parts of Guinea-Bissau. The construction of this well has ensured clean water for the village and surrounding areas.

“The former school structure had to be rebuilt every year after the rainy season washed it away. Now, the proceeds of this project have built a school with a strong foundation not only for the building, but for the education of the community. None of this would be possible without all the supporters who have spread the message through word of mouth and social media. PLEASE take a look at the video and links below to see how we can work together to keep this project alive. Thank you. Peace”

Music Is My Weapon & It Takes A Village Update #2 | YouTube Info Video


Hasan Salaam “Music Is My Weapon” Urban Outreach Project | Bandcamp

Music Is My Weapon: The concept behind Hasan Salaam’s “Music Is My Weapon” EP is the belief that music can be used as a powerful tool in the pursuit of freedom, justice, and equality. With the release of the project, Hasan is aiming to prove that music can change people’s lives, literally. All profits from the sale of the EP are being used to fund a school, clean water well, and medical facility in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa.

“This album is not mine, its D’jati’s; it is the peoples! None of this would be possible without everyone who spread the word, and as long as this project is making people nod their heads, dance and sing along, it will go to make sure that that the school and medical facilities have supplies – to me that’s the best part.”
– Hasan Salaam

Artist Contact Info:
Hasan Salaam | Twitter | Facebook | Donation

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Article: Hasan Salaam
Editor: Noiseman
Image: Hasan Salaam

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