DJ Lord Jazz & Aarophat “Eagle Eye” Electrifying All Seeing Eye Video

DJ Lord Jazz & Aarophat “Eagle Eye” Electrifying All Seeing Eye Video
DJ Lord Jazz & Aarophat “Eagle Eye” Electrifying All Seeing Eye Video

The hip-hop universe is no stranger to rising stars and legends alike, but every once in a while, an artist emerges with a track record that demands respect. Aarophat, hailing from the vibrant city of Youngstown, Ohio, has been a formidable presence in the rap scene since 1996. Now, alongside the illustrious DJ Lord Jazz of Lords of the Underground, Aarophat presents the exhilarating music video for their single “Eagle Eye” – a true testament to Aarophat’s journey through the world of hip-hop. Aarophat’s story begins with the formation of Ill Elementz, a crew that set the stage for his remarkable career. In 1999, he marked his solo debut with the “Black Phoenix EP,” a hint at the fiery passion that would fuel his artistry. Not content with simply making his mark, Aarophat continued to elevate his craft, releasing the vinyl single “Gritty” b/w “Darkwind” on the esteemed Fat Beats Records in 2001.

The momentum only grew as Aarophat unleashed the anthem “Ohio Streets” in 2003 as part of Rasco presents: The Minority Report. This marked a turning point, showcasing his ability to capture the essence of his surroundings and weave them into his music. His dedication to his craft led to a collaboration with Rawkus Records in 2007, resulting in the dynamic “Aarodynamix” as part of the Rawkus 50 campaign. But Aarophat’s musical journey was far from over. In 2009, he joined forces with producer Illastrate to birth the magnetic duo Black Noise, gifting the world “The Black Noise LP” – a testament to the alchemical fusion of their talents. This was followed by a triumphant partnership with MCs Wildelux and D Strong, resulting in the hard-hitting “Third Rail – Politics” in 2011.

Yet, 2012 stands as a landmark year for Aarophat. With his seventh album “Invictus,” he proved that his creative well ran deep, offering a collection that resonated with audiences on multiple levels. Amidst these endeavors, a collaboration with DJ Lord Jazz came to life, giving birth to the captivating single “Eagle Eye.” The track is a masterful symphony of their combined talents, a sonic journey that encapsulates the essence of hip-hop’s evolution. Arrophat shares insights about the world future, new world order.

The “Eagle Eye” music video is a visual feast that complements the song’s energy and narrative. Directed by visionary minds, it offers a glimpse into Aarophat’s captivating universe, highlighting the dynamic synergy between his lyrics and DJ Lord Jazz’s beats. As the video unfolds, viewers are drawn into Aarophat’s world – a world shaped by his experiences, struggles, and triumphs.

Aarophat "EAGLE EYE" Produced by DJ Lord Jazz | Official YouTube Music Video

Published in January 2013: DJ Lord Jazz Featuring Aarophat “EAGLE EYE”, Produced by DJ Lord Jazz, Directed by Aarophat & Celine Colston, Edited by Todd Kelley.

01. Intro
02. Plain Dealer (Feat. Nick Javas)
03. I Am (Feat. Beez Potiya)
04. Royalty (Feat. Doitall, Mr Funke, J-Ro, Tash & Sticky Fingaz
05. Eagle Eye (Feat. Aarophat)
06. Say Yea (Feat. Mr Funke)
07. Visions (Feat. Ike Turnah)
08. Rap Money (Feat. Doitall,Treach & Tah G Ali)
09. Love Is Love (Feat. The Cella Dwellas & Joya)
10. Reality True (Feat. Senica Da Misfit)
11. Imagine That (Feat. Bars N Hooks)
12. Before We Go (Feat. Respect Da God)
13. Say Yea (Remix) [Feat. Mr Funke & K-Def]

While “Eagle Eye” stands as a testament to Aarophat’s artistry, it also heralds a new chapter. Aarophat is currently in the studio, tirelessly crafting “The Minez (Aarophat & C-Dubb) – In Depth,” an upcoming release that promises to elevate his legacy even further. Set to drop in March 2013, this album is bound to make waves, once again showcasing Aarophat’s ability to blend profound lyricism with infectious beats. In a world where hip-hop is a canvas for personal narratives, Aarophat’s story shines brilliantly.

From his early days with Ill Elementz to his dynamic collaborations and solo ventures, he has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to his craft. “Eagle Eye” and the upcoming album “The Minez – In Depth” are testaments to Aarophat’s evolution as an artist and a powerful reminder of the resilience of hip-hop’s spirit. The insightful knowledge curated and distributed by urban genius. Get ready to be swept away by the music, the message, and the journey that is Aarophat’s hip-hop odyssey.

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Article: Big Noise
Editor: Noiseman
Image: Aarophat

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