Custom Bamboo Akai MPC2000XL Released by Big Noise MPC

  • MPC 2000XL
  • MPC 2000XL
  • MPC 2000XL
    Custom Bamboo Akai MPC2000XL Released by Big Noise MPC

    There it is right there… our latest release of the Custom MPC2000XL series; this one is done in bamboo – clean, green and on the scene. We’ve sold 4 custom units to date, this one is release number two; it looks like the public is really feeling these wood faced models. Posted up with some classic outboard gear at Studio 914 we wanted to talk about some of the support equipment used with the MPC. Preamps are a very important component in the formula for great sounding music.

    Check the vintage hardware: From left to right – The Sans Amp “Tech 21 NYC” is great for drums, bass and program allowing you to create big bottom, excellent presence and crispy top-ends. Rza from Wu Tang has been known to mess with Sans Amp equipment in the laboratory. The Vintech series; including the “X73i” MIC Preamp is one the most accurate recreations of the legendary Neve EQ. The input / output transformers as well as the famous circuitry deliver some astonishing sound quality. Once you’ve twisted the knobs on a Rupert Neve EQ you’ll experience what true EQ is all about. There’s something about real equipment that will never be captured by in-the-box plug-ins. These units are great for recording to or from the MPC – giving you control over the tone and sonic-image of your sounds or tracks.

    Universal Audio is another legendary company founded by Bill Putnum Sr. known for many contributions to the recording industry. The UAD “1176LN” is a FET based limiting amplifier used in some of the most prestigious studios in the world. Its characteristic sound and ability to manage dynamics are historical within the recording industry. This unit is great for controlling dynamics on instrument and vocal samples recorded into the MPC.

    Using programs like Wavelab, Cubase or Pro Tools you can capture sounds from your vintage hardware. Then edit your sounds in the PC with powerful time-stretch, pitch or sonic-image tools such as EQ, Compressor, Stereo Image, Reverb and Echo; also precise truncating and sample chopping. You can then arrange, save and manage Akai MPC programs on the PC using MPC APP before transferring them to your MP equipped with the Big Noise or CF-2000XL using CF or SD media card/s.

    MPC2000XL OS 1.14 verses 1.20: When you format your media with OS version 1.20 you will be able to move files between your PC and your MPC (using Win XP), however this Akai OS version will only recognize 1048MB (1.05GB) of memory on your media card or drive. If you format your media with MPC OS 1.14 you’ll be able to partition the media and take advantage of all the memory space on your media. For example a 2GB media card could be partitioned into four 500MB partitions. When partitioned and formatted by OS 1.14 the media will only be compatible with the MPC and not with the PC (computer).

    At the end of the day formatting with OS 1.14 is useful if you want take advantage of all the memory space on your media card or retrieve data from media that has been formatted using Akai disk partitions (OS 1.14). It’s up to the producer to decide what is more important to them; file compatibility with the PC or full access to your media memory space. You can download the latest OS versions and the MPC operation manual at the bottom of our STUDIO page; upgrading the OS is found on page 169.

    Custom Akai MPC 2000XL Wood Bezel & Flash Card Reader by Big Noise | YouTube

    Customer Testimonial: Cooper from Daily City – “The MPC from Big Noise was exactly what I was looking for…the custom bamboo bezel gave a unique look to a classic sampler, and the fact that Noiseman hooked up the cards with Basic 7 and some other kits/samples was an added bonus. Couldn’t be happier and I’d suggest that any producer go out and cop one of these units!”

    Product Info:
    MPC2000XL | Purchase

    Keep it locked to Big Noise Radio for authentic hip-hop music produced on the MPC2000XL!

    Article: Noiseman
    Editor: Noiseman
    Photo: Big Noise

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