Emcee B Flatt “Back To Basics” 1996 Release 20 Year Anniversary

Emcee B Flatt “Back To Basics” 1996 Release 20 Year Anniversary
Emcee B Flatt “Back To Basics” 1996 Release 20 Year Anniversary

Big Noise Radio is hosting another PRIZE PACKAGE GIVEAWAY, valued at $250. In celebration of the B Flatt “Back To Basics” 2018 Vinyl Record release, by Back 2 Da Source Records in Belgium! Originally released in 1996, 2016 brought about the 20 year anniversary for B Flatt “Back To Basics”. The 20 year re-up! This vintage hip-hop project was originally released on Cassette Tape and CD; 42 minutes of hip-hop music. It has been re-mastered and is now available, in limited edition, on CD and USB Flash Drive.

The B Flatt “Back To Basics” album was an independent 1996 release from the Big Noise camp, defining their aspiration to deliver organic hip hop music, embodying soul and authenticity. A call to the community to stay balanced, as commercial radio began to misrepresent hip hop culture. Earning interviews and radio play from local collage stations, rocking venues with local names like Rasco, from Cali Agents, B-Flatt and Tyranny brought you that authentic hip hop flavor. As a testament, in 2016 we sold over 250 CD’s worldwide. In 2018, we are still shipping B Flatt “Back To Basics” CD’s.

As of 2018, using newly acquired Distribution services via Big Noise Radio, B Flatt Back to Basics is now available on over 150 digital platforms including; iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, Tidal, and Deezer… just to name a few. Using some of our new Big Noise Radio distribution features, you can now; listen, save, and follow B Flatt Back to Basics on Spotify or Apple Music. We really appreciate the worldwide support, thank you everybody!

In 1995 the project was produced by Noiseman on an Akai S1100 and sequenced in Cu-Base, then mixed on a Soundcraft 24 track mixer. Vocals were recorded on a Tascam MS-16 1″ tape recorder. This was the first authentic hip-hop album produced by Noiseman, after releasing a Break-Beat album via Upstairs Records. Peanut Butter Wolfe, founder of Stones Throw records was a label-mate at the time. The B2B album has unexpectedly become a classic hip-hop collectors item.

In 2016 Big Noise Radio hosted a PRIZE PACKAGE GIVEAWAY valued at over $420! The 20 year anniversary celebration of B Flatt “Back To Basics” in 1996. The contest ran from April 20th to July 20th, 2016. Giving each contestant up to 3 months to enter and win. To enter, contestants purchased B Flatt “Back To Basics” from our Bandcamp web-page. Any of the formats: Digital Album, Compact Disk or 8GB USB Jump Drive (packaged in a slick 1/2 pint tin).

B Flatt "Back To Basics 1996" Prod by Noiseman via Big Noise Prod | Soundcloud

Published in May 1996: B Flatt “Back To Basics” Produced by Noiseman, Released by Big Noise Entertainment, Executive Production by Danny Carter.

B Flatt Autobiography: Bryon Pyles bka B-Flatt born September 12, 1970 In Oakland, CA. I was first Introduced into the music industry as a hip Hop dancer, dancing with Artist such as M.C. Remedy, San Jose, CA., M.C. Sway and King Tech, Oakland, CA., and The Bay Areas Own Tony, Toni, Tone. With Tony, Toni, Tone I traveled on the MTV Tour, with acts such as Bell, Biv, Devoe and Tara Kemp as a dancer. While on tour with T.T.T. I decided that I wanted to become an MC and began taking hip hop more serious. In order to focus I hung up my dancing shoes temporarily.

As a bay area artist I began rhyming on the live circuit free-styling with local bands such as The Moffesional’s, Alphabet Soup, and Daddy Goddes. Performing live on stage was the best feeling with friends and former group members of the spade cats in which I was a part. We once opened up a show at Bimbos S.F. ,CA for Tony, Toni, Tone in 1993 with a full band and an hour long set. Gaining respect from family, friends and peers as a dedicated MC. I began paying dues and studying my craft. Watching my favorite artist’s KRS 1, Rakim, NWA, Too Short, Run DMC, along with new school artist’s The Roots, NAS, and the Native Tongues, made me push even harder to develop my skills.

B-Flatt philosophy on hIP hop 1996; I feel that hip hop is in a bad state because of the influx of too many amateur artist’s lacking originality and purpose. Longevity and character are developed over time. Hip hop is an art form for the mind and soul that must be studied in order to understand success.

B-Flatt goals 1996: My goals are to have a long, healthy stay in the entertainment industry while reaching people through my music and other contributions to the industry. I would like to give back to my community the opportunities that I have been given such as producing other acts to teaching kids how to use a computer. My ultimate goal is to have my son Adrian Lamar Pyles see his father make a difference in not only his own life but in other peoples lives.

Project Contact Info:
B2B Project Links | Twitter Moment | iTunes | Spotify | Listen / Follow
B Flatt aka Bryon Malik | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Twitter

Slow your roll, Big Noise Radio for authentic hip-hop music and culture from B Flatt & Tyranny!

Article: Big Noise
Editor: Noiseman
Image: Big Noise

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