Achieving Racial Equality & Equity, Community Utopia in America?

  • Bay Area protesters stand up for human rights BLM protest in front of R.W. Fremont Police Center.
  • Protesters sit for moment of silence BLM protest in Fremont CA at police station.
  • Protesters sit for moment of silence Black Lives Matter protest in Fremont California city hall.
    Achieving Racial Equality & Equity, Community Utopia in America?

    What does community utopia look like? Is it possible to achieve equality, equity and racial unity in America? For the last 30 years we’ve seen questionable policies put in place by both republicans and democrats. Please remember these 2 parties are both components of the capitalist system. America is one of the best places to live in the world, however we are by no means perfect. One of the biggest flaws in our system is the financial inequity that has plagued our country since its birth. Please remember our system was leveraged from the European system, where “have and have-not” was integral to the social landscape. It’s now 2020 and things seem to have unraveled to say the least. We’ve seen more divisiveness this year than ever before. Confusion about what’s going on and what to do about it seems to be rapid! The current politicians holding office, have been blind to the facts from the start!

    The amazing American citizens that have been in the streets protesting for our civil rights are to be commended, they are today’s heroes! These are the patriotic Americans that care deeply about our country, our authentic history and what this country was founded upon, equality! We owe them our deepest gratitude and appreciation. The extremely small percentage of agitators causing vandalism and unrest have nothing to do with the current peaceful protest movement. Those of us who know, have no trouble separating the two; however racist agitators would like us to believe they are connected. It’s up to us as Americans to stand strong and not be distracted by their propaganda and rhetoric. It is time for inclusion, economic equity and community fair-play!

    Lets take a moment to consider the facts. The blatant murder, specifically of black and brown men, is completely out of control in our country today. These murders are being paid for by our American tax dollars! With the recent protests and revelations due to the George Floyd execution, we all imagined there would finally be positive change. We now see the murders have continued, with no intervening actions from the current administration. Is this where we want our tax dollars to go? Is this the best we can do? Underneath the iceberg of murder and execution, under the waterline, a deadly chunk of ice is casting a titanic shadow on people of color. There is an enormous list of inequalities black and brown people have endured for far too long. Denied access to jobs, housing, education, social inclusion, family wealth, personal security and a fair chance at the American dream.

    I live in the bay area, today it’s one of the most gentrified reigns in our country. The gentrification has been initiated through many actions outside of our control; the wall-street wolves in 2008 destroying communities via bogus loans and subsequent bank bailouts. Large high-tech corporations infiltrating our cities and communities, raising property values to exorbitant heights and completely failing to hire black and brown American employees, within upper management and engineering! Privatized grade school and collage networks only catering to foreigners and non American students, getting preferential treatment to be part of the new corporate workforce; after ridiculous profits acquired form outsourcing American jobs. The new corporate model is to set up sweatshops within American companies. Squeeze the life blood out of people and work them for 60 hours a week while paying them for 40… Is this the American dream?

    These issues even affect our ability to connect with people, date and create families. I recently visited Antioch to meet a young lady, trying to find a girlfriend. I attended the BLM movement in Fremont where I live, a city where black and brown men are all but extinct. Most of the men here that look like me are homeless. In the 90’s Fremont had a rich community of black and brown people; it’s another tragedy we have little control over. The young lady I met was from Sacramento, she expressed the same concerns and observations about our experience trying to find love. I was amazed to see what looked to me like a utopia in Antioch, CA. There were black and brown people everywhere, thriving and flourishing; friendly, good looking, doing well within the community. Young black men acknowledged me, saying hello, in multiple stores and on the street. Young mixed kids are flourishing everywhere, transplants from overpriced Bay area cities. Foreigners were friendly, going out of their way to say hello. I attribute this to their inclusive community. I couldn’t believe it, the last 20 years in Silicon Valley have left me exhausted.

    Holy Post "Race in America" by Author Phil Vischer | Informational Video via YouTube

    Published in June 2020: We need to talk about race. Why are people angry? Why so upset? Didn’t we elect a black president? Pass civil rights laws? Isn’t racism illegal now? Three years ago my brother Rob and I co-taught a class that discussed issues of racial injustice. That class turned into a popular podcast episode, which we’ve now turned into this video. Why are people still angry? Let’s take a look at race in America…

    The next weekend I shared my experience with Bryon aka B Flatt. We talked about our experiences as black entrepreneurs in the Bay Area. He brought up the “Race in America” video and showed it to me. I’ve never seen such a concise breakdown of the black American situation. The “Many Rivers to Cross” documentary video series by Henry Louis Gates, Jr is extremely informative. However the black American experience is complicated and spans 100’s of years, so it takes time to understand the details. This 18 minute video can help to provide understanding and fill in the gaps. Please share this post and spread the message.

    To all my amazing foreign brothers and sisters, I plead with you to stand up and take notice. Many of you escaped 3rd world tyranny, racism and oppression by coming to America to find a better life. Please don’t repeat the same mistakes by being part of a racist network that does not employ black and brown Americans. Please take a close look around your school, job or neighborhood; do you see black and brown people flourishing as managers, engineers and community leaders? If not, make sure to do your part and eliminate racism in this beautiful country. America is a melting pot, we have no room for divisive policies or beliefs. Please don’t buy into the racist lies “they did it to themselves”, NO this has been systemic targeted oppression of black and brown Americans since day one.

    This year in 2020, there has never been a more important reason to get out and vote! For anybody who might be confused by the issues at hand, think about the character of the people we want as leaders. Do we want self centered ego maniacs who constantly lie to the American people, or do we want experienced people who see the real issues and speak the truth about the elephant in the room? It’s up to us now, please make the right decision, get out and vote. Please help us realize the American dream!

    About Phil Vischer:

    Author and filmmaker Phil Vischer has had a significant impact on American culture. His groundbreaking children’s series, VeggieTales, has sold more than 65 million copies, been featured in major magazines and newspapers and even spoofed by Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons. Phil created Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber as a 25 year-old Chicago-based computer animator, searching for ways to integrate his faith and his filmmaking. With the help of his wife, Lisa, his college buddy Mike Nawrocki, two art school grads and his church’s music director, Kurt Heinecke, Phil landed VeggieTales videos in a third of all American households with young children.

    Speaker Contact Info:
    Phil Vischer | YouTube | Website

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