Golden State Hip-Hop Music Producer “Freddie Joachim” Lofi Beat Maker

Golden State Hip-Hop Music Producer “Freddie Joachim” Lofi Beat Maker
Golden State Hip-Hop Music Producer “Freddie Joachim” Lofi Beat Maker

Like many of today’s Hip-Hop legends, the Freddie Joachim lofi beats catalog on Bandcamp is the result of a fantastic work ethic. He got his start as a disc jockey during one of the best music eras, the 90s. From DJing, he graduated to producing and went on to work with artists like Grap Luva, LMNO, Aloe Blacc, and Blu. Freddie Joachim’s soulful beat production skills extend beyond music, with his work being featured on MTV, NBC, HBO, and even ads for major brands like Nike and Adidas. His strong work ethic and prolific lofi beat production have kept him relevant as a beat maker and hip-hop music producer.

He has a unique style that sets him apart from your average hip hop producer. He has a mellow sound that’s perfect for sunsets, late-night stargazing, and even watching the sun first graze the sky in the morning. His 2017 track Sugar, featuring K and Le Maestro exemplifies his versatile mix of old-school, jazz tones and boom-bap meshed to perfection. The song even features a sample from Gladys Knight and the Pips’ song “The Makings of You.” Freddie Joachim lofi beats are quintessential examples of soulful hip-hop production. He does a good job of featuring subtle undertones of jazz sounds in his music, making his sound soulful and smooth, with a new age jazz sound. Prepare to immerse yourself in the soulful lofi hip-hop sound, that is Freddie Joachim.

In his most recent album, “Beyond the Sea of Trees,” the jazz influence is more prevalent. The album as a whole is soft and smooth. Joachim’s love and knowledge for music bleed through each track. Tracks like “Unlimited” and “Serenade” are slightly more upbeat and jazzy. While tracks like “Inher Space” and “Mulled Wine” have a more sexy and sultry feel. All and all the album is a project of soulful hip hop instrumentals. Soft sounds, heavy drums, and a lot of personality make “Beyond the Sea of Trees” a total vibe of its own. A generous splash of fans and accolades speaks to the quality of his work. He is no doubt a modern day taste maker.

Proving his dedication to the craft, the Freddie Joahcim lofi beats catalog features over 20 albums of original work as well as remixes to songs by other artists. The bulk of his projects feature 4-5 songs of smooth melodies. Each album has it’s own feel. Some more upbeat than others, and even some with samples of classic hits from the likes of Motown and other soulful artists. The Bay meets Detroit (Motown) meets rhythm and blues. Check out Freddie’s body of work in totality on his Bandcamp site.

Freddie Joachim "Sugar" Prod by K, Le Maestro x Freddie Joachim | Bandcamp Audio

Published  October 2017: Freddie Joachim, K, Le Maestro “Sugar” Produced by Freddie Joachim, K, Le Maestro, Released by Mellow Orange.

Producer Freddie Joachim "Dust" Prod by Freddie Joachim | Bandcamp Audio Stream

Published February 25, 2010: Freddie Joachim “Dust” Produced by Freddie Joachim, Released by Mellow Orange

Freddie Joachim "Beyond The Sea of Trees" Prod by Freddie Joachim | Bandcamp

Published on May 24, 2019: Freddie Joachim “Beyond The Sea of Trees” Produced by Freddie Joachim, Released by Jakarta Records 

Facebook: Always an avid listener and collector of hip hop, jazz, and soul music, Freddie finally began djing in ’96, which slowly progressed into recording and production, and musicianship. Since then, he has continued to produce and collaborate with many artists, as well as license music with many popular brands and companies, including DC Shoes, Nike, Adidas, K-Swiss, Monster Energy…

Freddie released his first full-length, In With Time, in the Spring of 2008, exclusive to Japan label, Subcontact. The album featured such artists as, Aloe Blacc (Stones Throw), Blu, Othello, Profile (Sound Providers), Choice37, Surreal, Paten Locke, and more. (In With Time is available on CDBaby, Amazon, Tower Records Japan, HMV Japan, and more). In 2009, Freddie, along with good friend, Question, released their instrumental album, Study Guide, with Japan’s renowned DJ Tonk on his label Milkdipper. (Study Guide is available on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and more // 10″ vinyl EP is available at Access Hip Hop, HHV, Fresh Crate, Amoeba SF, and more).

In Summer of 2010, Freddie continued his instrumental album series with the release of Midway. The album was the first featured artist’s album on the San Francisco based label, Mellow Orange. (Midway is available on iTunes, Amazon, Mellow Orange Store, and more stores // 2xCD is available at Mellow Orange Store, Access Hip Hop, HHV, Fresh Crate, Amoeba SF, and more). Freddie, along with friend, Yusai, now run the San Francisco based label, Mellow Orange, which has releases in North America, Japan, Korea, and Europe.

Artist Contact Info:
Freddie Joachim | Twitter | Facebook | Website

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Article: Lauren
Editor: Noiseman
Image: Freddie Joachim

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