Incksalonius Debut “Truly Yours” Cuts by Silent Someone Feat Fred Ones

Incksalonius Debut “Truly Yours” Cuts by Silent Someone Feat Fred Ones
Incksalonius Debut “Truly Yours” Cuts by Silent Someone Feat Fred Ones

Brooklyn’s very own wordsmith and producer, Incksalonius, takes center stage with her latest track, “Truly Yours,” offering a poignant reflection on the trials and triumphs of the independent hip-hop artist. This captivating single is a precursor to her upcoming project, “Where Life Begins,” slated for release in 2013. Incksalonius stands not just as a talented artist but also as a formidable businesswoman, spearheading the creative direction of the Brooklyn-Bronx-based record label, Real Phresh Music.

Her journey in the hip-hop realm began with internships at D&D and Unique Recording, paving the way for her evolution into one of hip-hop’s authentic lyricists. In 1999, during her college years, Incksalonius transformed her thoughts into lyrical prose, giving birth to her first self-released EP, “Push.” This release garnered attention from press outlets and college radio stations globally, setting the stage for Incksalonius’s career. Her performances at renowned venues like the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, The Five Spot, and Wetlands solidified her presence in the underground hip-hop scene. She brings passion and integrity to her music.

As her career unfolded, Incksalonius expanded her horizons by producing music for local artists and contributing to projects like the Okay player Compilation and In 2003, she collaborated with Belgian producer Krewcial on “Sky to Land,” featured on his “25/8” LP (Vinylators/BBE). International collaborations with artists like The Proov, JtotheC, Pan-Afrikans, and Trainspotters followed.

In 2005, Incksalonius released “Press Play,” with the lead single “Rap Music” creating a buzz that propelled her overseas for tours in Canada, Belgium, and the Netherlands. 2006 marked her role as the Founder of Real Phresh Music alongside Silent Someone, where she made a significant impact on the progressive movement of hip-hop. Incksalonius’s innovation continued with her EP “Grown Another Day” in 2008, featuring standout tracks like “Soul Forever” and “Teach the Kids.” Her work has gained international acclaim, reflected in collaborations with artists like Belgian soul singer JtotheC on “Sweet Rendezvous.”

Produced by Incksalonius "Truly Yours" Cuts by Silent Someone & Fred Ones | Soundcloud Audio Stream

Published in November 2013: Incksalonius “Truly Yours,” Produced by Incksalonius, Cuts by Silent Someone and Fred Ones.

What’s Next for Incksalonius Debut “Truly Yours”:

Incksalonius’s latest project, “Where Life Begins,” is highly anticipated, promising a soulful and skillful addition to her already impressive body of work. As she gears up for this release, her dedication extends beyond music. Incksalonius is set to launch an enrichment program for teenagers in New York City, showcasing her commitment to both artistry and community impact.

With “Truly Yours,” Incksalonius shares a glimpse of the artistic and introspective journey that awaits in “Where Life Begins.” As her narrative continues to unfold, she cements her place not just as a musician but as a storyteller weaving tales of authenticity, independence, and the soulful spirit of hip-hop.

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Incksalonius | Twitter | Soundcloud

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