Ras Kass “Godz N’ The Hood” x Bishop Lamont, MK Asante & Talib Kweli

Ras Kass “Godz N’ The Hood” x Bishop Lamont, MK Asante & Talib Kweli
Ras Kass “Godz N’ The Hood” x Bishop Lamont, MK Asante & Talib Kweli

In the realm of hip-hop, where the mastery of language is the highest form of art, Ras Kass, the California-born rap luminary, brings forth a collaborative odyssey titled “Godz N’ The Hood.” This sonic journey features linguistic wordplay from seasoned veterans in the game, challenging generic archetypes through a profound lyrical analysis. The collaborative effort enlists the lyrical prowess of Bishop Lamont, MK Asante, and Talib Kweli. Together, they weave a tapestry of grown folks’ rap, inviting listeners on a mental exploration of self-reflection and societal critique. Each verse is a testament to the artists’ collective experience, wisdom, and their ability to transcend conventional narratives. Delivering the true essence of underground hip-hop.

Ras Kass, born John Austin in Watts, CA, stands as a critically acclaimed rapper whose journey in the industry has left an indelible mark. Known for his classic album “Soul On Ice” and the subsequent “Rasassination,” Ras Kass has consistently demonstrated his prowess as a lyricist. His voracious appetite for reading during his formative years paved the way for a stage name that pays homage to the African king, Ras Rass. The production is amazing, some of the tracks are reminiscent of Apollo Browns work.

Ras Kass initially gained attention after releasing independent singles, earning accolades such as Rap Pages magazine’s Rhyme of the Month award and The Source’s Hip Hop Quotable honor. His debut LP, “Soul on Ice,” released in 1996 under Priority Records, further solidified his status as one of the most highly regarded new rappers. The following years saw the release of “Rasassination,” continuing to showcase Ras Kass’s lyrical finesse. Ras Kass continues to release hip-hop music that delivers the goods.

Before joining Priority / EMI Records, Ras Kass made notable guest appearances on various records and freestyles on numerous radio shows. His debut indie single “Remain Anonymous” sent waves through the hip-hop world, earning him a coveted Hip-Hop Quotable in The Source Magazine. Collaborations with industry peers on tracks like “Come Widdit” and “Wake Up Show Anthem ’94” demonstrated his collaborative spirit and further enhanced his notoriety in the emerging hip-hop landscape.

Ras Kass "Godz N' The Hood" Feat Bishop Lamont, MK Asante & Talib Kweli | Bandcamp Audio

Published In January 2013: The Ras Kass “Barmageddon” Produced by Chris Noxx. The full-length 20 song follow-up to ADIDAS, 2.0 offers 3 NEW songs.

As Ras Kass continues to shape the narrative of hip-hop through his seasoned artistry, “Godz N’ The Hood” stands as a testament to his commitment to lyrical excellence and the continuous evolution of the genre. With collaborators like Bishop Lamont, MK Asante, and Talib Kweli, this track transcends mere music; it becomes a dialogue, a reflection, and a celebration of the profound impact that hip-hop can have on the soul. We appreciate the authenticity and his dedication to hip-hop music and culture.

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