Top 10 Reasons To Network with “Big Noise Radio” Hip Hop Radio & Blog

Top 10 Reasons To Network with “Big Noise Radio” Hip Hop Radio & Blog
Top 10 Reasons To Network with “Big Noise Radio” Hip Hop Radio & Blog

Salute everybody, in 2020 Big Noise Radio will celebrate a 15 year anniversary, that’s just around the corner. We’ve been networking and building connections we want to share with the community. Since 2005 we’ve built the Big Noise brand with blood, sweat and tears, it hasn’t been easy. Between 2005 and 2012, in San Jose, CA, we realized the birth of the BNR brand, including worldwide recognition, such a blessing. Between 2012 and 2015 we took a hiatus to regroup. In 2017 we acquired a building in Fremont, CA, home of MC Hammer. We’ve been in the building for over 2 years now, updating the website and brand, getting ready for the next ventures. The results have been amazing, we’ve achieved a lot in a short amount of time. Below are the Top 10 reasons to network with Big Noise Radio. Please help us elevate underground hip-hop music and culture, thank you!

01. BNR is independently owned and operated, with the intent to set high standards for authentic hip hop music and culture.
02. We curate a Blog Publication for Big Noise Radio on Medium where we drop rich articles on hip-hop culture and music.
03. We fully support the hip hop nation. Our Radio Shows showcase only the best in independent hip hop artists and music.
05. We provide worldwide brand exposure. We’ve been curating a network of Blogs, Record Labels and music organizations.
06. Big Noise maintains an engaged Social Media network. Showcasing artists, producers, new music and unique products.
07. Our brand targets a sophisticated audience, interested in soulful hip hop music with balanced messages for the people.
08. We have employed a new team of writers and social media experts, bringing a high standard of quality to BNR content.
09. Our in-house Promotion Team can deliver the right campaign, to bring proper exposure to your brand or music release.
10. Our online beat maker equipment store on eBay, Reverb and Big Noise MPC, delivers amazing niche audio products.

Big Noise Radio "Authentic Hip Hop" Produced by Various Artists | Soundcloud Audio Stream

Published on Various Dates: Big Noise Radio “Authentic Hip Hop” Produced by Various Artists, Released by Various Labels, Audio Stream via Soundcloud.

Founded in 2005 Big Noise Radio aka BNR is an online, internet radio station. Streaming distinctive hip hop music, BNR embraces all five elements of hip hop culture. Pillar for hip hop’s renaissance, we purvey sonic excellence, present, past and future. Based in golden state California, we broadcast music worldwide. Bringing you the very essence of hip hop music and culture. BNR is free hip hop radio delivering unlimited listening of your favorite hip hop tunes. Please subscribe and help support the hip hop movement.

Our blog reveals the lifestyle and culture, cultivated by the hip hop movement. Artists showcased on Big Noise Radio, are making significant contributions to hip hop culture. Their passion, ambition and history, have created a standard of quality, that resonates around the world. Today’s timeless hip hop / rap music, embodies expressions of self, community and life. Delivering the complicated message of our day-to-day struggle. It’s up to all of us to organize and deliver the balance deserved by black and brown people.

This is our platform, this is our language, this is our opportunity to take ownership of our culture and our legacy. In the last 50 years, hip hop music has influenced the way people talk, walk, dress and live. Our music has influenced the global community more than any other art form in our time. BNR is here to document this fantastic body of work. Striving to be fair and balanced, representing hip hop culture with integrity and passion. We’re always looking for contributors and investors to help with our mission.

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All the way live no jive… Keep it locked to Big Noise Radio for authentic hip-hop music and culture from the Hip Hop Nation!

Article: Big Noise
Editor: Noiseman
Image: Danny Carter

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