Soulbrotha Ft Beneficence & Kazi “Flow ‘N Facts” via Ill Adrenaline

Soulbrotha Ft Beneficence & Kazi “Flow ‘N Facts” via Ill Adrenaline
Soulbrotha Ft Beneficence & Kazi “Flow ‘N Facts” via Ill Adrenaline

Using the classic Akai S900 era sampler face for an album cover, an ode to their sound, these soulful brothers definitely understand how to represent the culture. Rocking the title “The Golden Era Isn’t Finished” basically sums up the mode of operation from this hip-hop squad. Hip hop represent!! Getting familiar with the Soulbrotha Flow ‘N Facts, I stopped by his webpage, and was extremely impressed with a soulful hip-hop “beat of the week” incorporating pianos, strings, a “no” vocal, and drums that had me all the way open…lol, no doubt!!

Soulbrotha teams up with Beneficence and former Stones Throw artist / Lootpack affiliate Kazi. Taken off the long awaited EP “The Golden Era Isn’t Finished” and the 2CD-set “2009-2015”, by Germany’s own SP1200 maestros. 12 Finger Dan and B-Base aka Soulbrotha have carved a niche for themselves as a dope hip hop production and turntablist duo from Hamburg, Germany. As close proteges of producer icon DJ Premier, the veteran beat-smiths drop the boom bap filled EP “The Golden Era Isn’t Finished”, exclusively using the classic 12 bit SP1200 EMU beat machine.

EP comes special delivery, courtesy of Ill Adrenaline Records along with first class guest appearances from Beneficence, Kazi, QNC, Craig G, Afu-Ra, Big Shug, Blaq Poet, and an intro from legendary producer and Juice Crew founder Marley Marl. All of the featured lyricists spit fire throughout the project: “Follow course of this rap dramatic theatrics. The vinyl sittin’ pretty like that scandal actress” (Beneficence on “Flow ‘N Facts”). The EP’s 4 tracks and instrumentals are plenty to satisfy the hunger of true hip-hop heads worldwide as the EP’s theme boldly states, the golden era definitely isn’t finished.

Soulbrotha Featuring Beneficence & Kazi "Flow 'N Facts" | YouTube Audio Stream

Published in November 2015: Soulbrotha Featuring Beneficence & Kazi “Flow ‘N Facts” Produced by Soulbrotha, Cuts Executed by Soulbrotha, Released by Ill Adrenaline Records, Filmed by Holy Schnitt Film, Edited by Patrick Solle for Holy Schnitt Film, Official Video via YouTube.

Soulbrotha Featuring Beneficence & Kazi "Flow 'N Facts" by Ill Adrenaline Records

Published in November 2015: Soulbrotha Featuring Beneficence & Kazi “Flow ‘N Facts” Produced by Soulbrotha, Cuts by Soulbrotha, Released by Ill Adrenaline Records, Audio Stream via Soundcloud.

About Soulbrotha via Facebook: Soulbrotha is back! After the successful album “Collector’s Item” now follows the “Connexion EP” which is again entirely produced by B-Base and 12Finger Dan from Hamburg / Germany.

In the tradition of the classic 90´s Hip Hop, the tag team reloaded their SP1200s with soul and funk to do what they do best: no-frills Boom Bap filled with real lyrics and dope scratches!

As we all know that this formula can´t be beaten and has his origin in the city that never sleeps, the Soulbrotha collaborated on that EP with some of their pals and also one of Big Apple´s Heavyweight Hip Hop-Artists like DJ Premier, Large Pro, Nutso, Blaq Poet, the NYGz, Krumb Snatcha and the Freestyle Professors.

As the culture has progressed even more and more into an industry, Soulbrotha still remains solidarity with cutting up records and chopping beats. So clean up your stylus and let the groove crackle like roast from the pan. Influences; classic 90´s Boom Bap. Genera; Raw Hip Hop & Dynamite Soul.

Artist Contact Info:
Soulbrotha | Facebook | Website
Ill Adrenaline Records | Twitter | Instagram | Website

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Article: IAR | BNR | MRC
Editor: Noiseman
Image: Soulbrotha

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