Skyzoo “All The Brilliant Things” Album | Operating In His Element

Skyzoo “All The Brilliant Things” Album | Operating In His Element
Skyzoo “All The Brilliant Things” Album | Operating In His Element

One of our favorite artists here at Big Noise Radio is Skyzoo. He’s released another project this year, as usual “All The Brilliant Things” contains notable tracks all around. Poetic is one of many words that can be used to describe Skyzoo and his work. Skyzoo’s style is rooted in Black history and culture, particularly his personal history, a story which we’ve seen him describe on previous albums and projects. It’s that connection to his personal history and blackness that sets him apart from many other mainstream rappers. Skyzoo operates “in his element” when speaking his truth.

Anti-establishment rappers like Skyzoo are what keep rap interesting. On songs like Culture-Ish, his denouncement of the mainstream is apparent. He takes it even further mentioning the obvious culture vulture trend of symbols in Black Culture giving the example of how Living Single, a Black sitcom, was the inspiration for Friends. The rap game is at a pivotal point with new and emerging artists from “untraditional” rap backgrounds challenging what rap is. Publications like Complex and DJ Akademiks are often ridiculed for hype-beasts behavior. When Skyzoo says, “So don’t mistake y’all, I don’t do this for Complex,” he’s making it clear he’s not interested in doing anything for clout, which is becoming rarer and rarer.

As I mentioned before, one thing Skyzoo always gets right is the cultural context and references. You can always expect stories about his family, friends, and people from his perspective neighborhood. This project is no different including a sample from Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing” at the end of Bodega Flowers. As a Brooklyn native, that movie probably did a lot more for/to him than it did for the average viewer. The clip and its placement create an interesting audio aesthetic, as the song opens with a woman complaining about how her boyfriend doesn’t buy her flower.

Skyzoo "All The Brilliant Things" Release by Mello Music Group | Album on Bandcamp

Published on June 11, 2021: Skyzoo “All The Brilliant Things” Prod by Various Artists, Released by Mello Music Group.

For those who have seen Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing”, the sample used comes from the scene right after an elder in the neighborhood, likely an old suitor, just gave his beautiful female neighbor flowers, much to her disgust, before needing to take a seat to rest because it’s an unusually hot day. Needless to say, if you haven’t already, you need to watch “Do The Right Thing.” The song eloquently and comically illustrates the hard parts of love. Both clips somehow allude to the constant dissatisfaction of women, or that was at least my takeaway as a woman.

The outro on humble brag is discussion-worthy as is the production of the whole album. Paired with a goal clip from Aria (the same artist and clip from the opening track). Generational wealth and economic opportunity, or lack thereof is also a constant theme in Skyzoo’s music. In Plugs and Connections, he talks about Black wealth what it takes to create it, how to make it out of the hood and stay out. Gentrification is one of the barriers mentioned in verse one. Missed opportunities of his father and how those lessons stick with him, are discussed in the second verse. “Ya feet up on ya couch until they running when you resting,” is a powerful line. It reminds me of the ant and the grasshopper. The grasshopper with his feet up all summer while the ant worked and stacks for winter. If nothing else, Skyzoo is going to give a cheat code on how to make it.

Emcee Skyzoo has a lengthy amount of rappers he’s previously featured. This project is no different with guest appearances from Raheem Davaughn, BJ the Chicago Kid, STLNDRMS, Karriem Riggins, Monica Blaire and other notable artists.

Skyzooo is an American emcee from Brooklyn, New York with influences from Notorious B.I.G. and Hov. The New York influences are apparent in his music. He does a good job of honoring the classic rap style while still bringing new and engaging content to the table. The new rappers all have a similar style, it all works which is what makes it so popular. Rappers like Skyzoo stick to a more traditional style without sacrificing the songs listen-ability.

Overall this album is a winner! Whether you’re the type of person who listens for bars, or beats, “All The Brilliant Things” offers both. There a chill, Sunday afternoon vibes (Culture-Ish), there’s introspective pieces, riding music, and even a semi-love song. Please listen to All The Brilliant Things and let us know what you think.

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Article: Lauren Thomas
Editor: Noiseman & Victor T
Image: Mello Music Group

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