SCSI Storage For Drum Machines & Samplers CD ROM’s & HDD’s

    SCSI Storage For Drum Machines & Samplers CD ROM’s & HDD’s

    SCSI Storage Systems like CD ROM Drives and Hard Disk Drives can be important tools for improving workflow or archiving projects in a production environment or recording studio. They can also work together with a Flash Card Reader, within your drum machine or sampler, to help build project components such as sound files, sequence files and song files. Each one can play its own roll within the sound lab, as a matter of fact, all three can be used together for optimum production workflow and file backup.

    CD ROM Drive: Using external SCSI CD ROM Drives you can load sounds & samples as fast as your drum machine or samplers transfer rate can handle. Get the most out of your vintage CD Sound or Sample Library’s. You can also build custom sound-sets and drum-programs on your computer, then burn them to Data CD-R using your PC or MAC. Now you can load these sound-sets (drum-programs) or samples right into your Drum Machine or Sampler using a SCSI CD-Rom drive.

    With the free MPC 2K APP from Big Noise MPC you can build fully functional Akai Programs on your computer then burn them to Data CD-R for loading directly into the Akai MPC 2000XL. When your projects are complete, recorded, mixed, and mastered you can archive everything including all the production components onto CD-R just in case you ever have to pull the project up for an edit / remix, or prove ownership in a legal dispute.

    Hard Drive: With external or internal SCSI Hard Disk Drives you can have access to large amounts of disk space for project storage or archive. 10 to 20 Gigabyte SCSI hard drives allow for very fast access time and plenty of storage for sound library’s, Drum Sample Kits and project files. Hard drives allow you to save your projects as you build them within your drum machine or sampler. It’s best to save your files whenever you’ve made significant changes to parameters or samples… who knows when the power could go out, or equipment freeze up. Better to be safe then sorry!

    If you’re fortunate enough to also have a CD Rom Drive or Flash Card Reader connected, you can use either of these to move sounds back and fourth between your DAW and drum machine or sampler. Then archive your project files to the hard drive as you work from the drum-machine / sampler.

    DAW Sound Editing: Using programs like Wavelab, Cubase or Pro Tools you can capture sounds from any source with a quality A/D Converter or Digital I/O. Then edit your sounds in the PC or MAC with powerful Time-Stretch, Pitch-Edit or Sonic-Image tools as well as EQ, Compressor, Stereo Image, Reverb, Echo and more. You can also achieve precise truncating and sample chopping, including digital fades and cross-fades.

    After that you can arrange, save and manage your samples on the PC or MAC, before formatting them with programs like Chicken Systems, Rubber Chicken Software “Translator” and other sample management tools, making them compatible with your particular drum machine or sampler.

    For all you Akai MPC 2000XL users out there we have a special treat… using the free MPC 2K APP you can build Akai Drum Programs that can be loaded directly into your Akai MPC 2000XL – equipped with the fully Hot Swappable MC-2000XL card reader – using CF, SD or other types of media cards.

    The photo above is of a Sun Ultra external SCSI CD ROM Drive for use in studio & production facilities.

    Customer Testimonial: Antonio – I recommend Big Noise MPC to anyone in need of any type of musical device, particularly MPC additions, drives, kits, etc… I received my SCSI Hard Drive & was impressed at how PROFESSIONAL the packaging was!!! Not to mention that their prices is far more cheaper than any other retailer that I’ve came across!! Buy with CONFIDENCE!!!!

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    Keep it locked to Big Noise Radio for authentic hip-hop music made with SCSI Storage in the lab!

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