Canada Emcee / Producer Jeff Spec “Sneakerboxxx” Digital Album

Canada Emcee / Producer Jeff Spec “Sneakerboxxx” Digital Album
Canada Emcee / Producer Jeff Spec “Sneakerboxxx” Digital Album

Sneakerboxxx is the latest offering from Jeff Spec, one of Vancouver’s most prolific hip hop artists. The album is experimental in the context of modern hip hop, incorporating mainly live instrumentation alongside soulful vocal arrangements. Jeff’s rhymes range from storytelling to social commentary, and from creative wordplay to conversational poetry. The 11 tracks promise to offer something for everyone; guest appearances include Moka Only and Shane Eli, as well as up-and-coming vocalists NaRai, Omar Khan, and Daniel Klenner.

While Jeff has worked with various labels in the past, including New York-based Day By Day Entertainment, “Sneakerboxxx” is released on his own imprint, Pushin’ Records. Spec is a staple on the live music scene in Vancouver and abroad, and has developed a fanbase reaching around the globe. His previous albums “Rhythm and Blues” and “…a little night music” charted in the Chart Attack and !earshot top 10 for hip hop, nationwide. He will be touring Canada and the U.S. throughout the year in support of the record, and will release a series of videos to continue the online buzz. The first video, “On My Feet”, is already all over the internet, having been posted by 80 blogs in its first 3 weeks of release.

The material included on “Sneakerboxxx” has already proven to appeal to a broader audience than (but definitely not excluding) just the traditional hip hop heads, due in part to heavy contributions from Vancouver’s Star Captains, a jazz-soul fusion sextet that boasts a strong stage presence and a healthy following of its own.

“Jeff tells stories and rhymes in a poetic matter that easily puts him in an elite category among others. Although “Sneakerboxxx” doesn’t tell a continuing story through each song, Spec comes with amazing lyrics and creative punchlines throughout the whole album. There isn’t one track that makes you doubt his ability as a true hip hop artist.” –

“Jeff blends great story telling with true hip hop rhythms and beats… I have to say over all this is ‘make you feel good’ music with an upbeat message.” –

“…one of the things that makes Sneakerboxxx such a good album is an often overlooked musical trait that helped to propel a project like Breaking Atoms (from the group Main Source) to its legendary status; consistency… It’s fun music, it’s serious music, it’s forward thinking music, it’s boom-bap music, and much more…” –

“Fly B.S.” is the first single from Jeff Spec’s upcoming album “Outside Things” (label TBA). The record is produced entirely by his long-time mentor and collaborator Moka Only, who is also featured on the lead single. The song is a tribute to the cold weather and the flyness that goes along with it. The video is directed, edited, and shot by Jenkin Au from Justalilhype and is a picturesque snapshot of Vancouver in the fall.

Emcee / Producer Jeff Spec "Sneakerboxxx" Album Release | Bandcamp Audio

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Article: City Planners LTD
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