Confidence “Neck Snapping Drums Vol.1” 20 Drum Sample Kits

Confidence “Neck Snapping Drums Vol.1” 20 Drum Sample Kits
Confidence “Neck Snapping Drums Vol.1” 20 Drum Sample Kits

Producers, DJ’s and Sound Engineers. Are you tired of purchasing drums kits only to be dissatisfied by the lack of quality? I think we’ve all been there before. Snares that sound cut off, kicks that have some sort of music behind it. You know the types. Confidence decided to put together drum kits that he’s used in his own productions and beats so that all the sounds you’ll get are nothing but official. All 20 kits contain a kick drum, snare drum and hi-hat. Confidence Neck Snapping Drums, perfect for boom-bap beats, hip-hop tracks, lo-fi beats, live finger drumming and MPC beat making.

Most hardware based workstations or samplers used in music production do not come with any sounds in them. The producer chooses the tones, drums and samples that will be used to paint the sonic image. Lately in-the-box (computer based software) workstations like Maschine and the MPC Renaissance have replaced the hardware based drum machine or sampler. Whatever your choice, these drums by Confidence Beats are unique, and a must have to expand your drum-sound library. They come WAV format; compatible with any hardware durum-machine or sampler, also virtual software systems.

Introducing Neck Snapping Drums Vol.1. Newly released by Confidence Beats, these kits are ready to go and really don’t need any processing. Reverb, EQ and compression have been added to help create that neck snapping sound. Each Drum Kit contains a Kick Drum, Snare Drum and Hi-Hat, optimized to each other, allowing you to select the set you like… get to work on that next beat, plug and play! At $1 a kit, and $20 for the whole set, the value is tremendous.

Testimonials: Chris writes; “I was lucky to be one of the first to be able to try out these drumkits. The kits are exactly how i expected them to be, which means just like Confidence’s beats they go straight to the essence. There are no filler sounds. It’s just the raw backbone of any boom bap beat. Every kit has one kick, one hat and one snare. Quality over quantity. When going through them I quickly noticed that with every kit the hat kick and snare go perfectly together, that makes it so easy to work with. Also, all kits give you a bit of that similar flavor. which basically means: you get no less then a part of the Confidence signature-sound to work with here! And if you know the man’s beats, that is not a bad thing.”

Nik comments; “I don’t normally buy drum kits, I’m a old school break digging kinda guy at heart….. but…. I saw an opportunity to buy Confidence’s drums and at first I was skeptical, because typically in drum packs, there might be 1 or 2 sounds which you keep but normally the rest is garbage…. let me tell you now MOST if not ALL of these kits are hot and are welcome in my drum arsenal. Worth purchasing….”

Hip Hop Producer Ben Hedibi says this about his Heather B. remix; “Quick Beat & Remix made using the excellent Drums Kits of Confidence. These kits are ready to go and really don’t need any processing. Reverb, eq and compression have been added to help create that neck snapping sound.”

Neck Snapping Drums: This Drum Sample Kit features 60 Sounds including: 20 Kicks, 20 Snares & 20 Hi-Hats. Confidence Beats “Neck Snapping Drums Vol.1” digital download on sale now.

Confidence Neck Snapping Drums | Example Beats Made Using This Drum Kit

Confidence & DJ Technic "Interview Part 1" by The Hip Hop Foundation | YouTube

Published on Jan 2015: Confidence & DJ Technic “Interview Part 1”, Released by The Hip Hop Foundation; Confidence & DJ Technic recall their music production journey starting out from the mid 90’s to the present, giving valuable insights and advice on what it takes to become a respected boom bap beat maker.

Artist Bio: Confidence, a student of the game dating back to the 90’s, first got a taste of music production in the mid 90’s while learning to DJ with his brother Technic. From there Confidence got involved with sampling but his break didn’t come until 2001 when he copped an MPC 2000xl which he still uses to this day to compose masterpieces. He put in hours of work and dedication over the years, landing him placements from time to time but his ultimate break came in 2010 when he linked up with a relatively unknown artist by the name of Rashad. Thanks to Confidence’s 2010 mix tape “Recon”, where he remixed sixteen 90’s classics over his production, the two became acquainted.

From their initial meeting, Confidence and Rashad discussed doing more than just recording one track. A classic was in the works, and after numerous months of countless hours to craft masterpieces, “The Element of Surprise” was born. This epic record hit worldwide November 29, 2011. It was distributed through Fatbeats and put out by Ill Adrenaline Records. One month after release it shot to #1 on where it stayed in the top 3 for three months and garnered a near 5 star rating with over 100 comments.

In 2012, Confidence teamed up with Purpose of Tragic Allies and released another album on Ill Adrenaline Records entitled, “The Purpose of Confidence.” This album also went to #1 on . Next up was Beneficence’s LP, “Concrete Soul” where he produced five stand out tracks. This album also found its home at #1 on . It’s safe to say whatever Confidence touches turns to gold. Confidence lent a hand on Neek The Exotic’s EP with the title track, “Comin in Piles.” Neek dropped his album “Hustle Don’t Stop in September 2013 which Confidence produced seven joints for. In March of 2013, Confidence released two singles with The Regiment out of Detroit. Together they teamed up with Ill Adrenaline and Soul Tools to release a 7″ which became available in May 2013.

On January 28th, 2014, Confidence drops the long-awaited projected entitled, “Confidence Presents Gdot & Born Featuring Edo. G. The album is available worldwide featuring the undeniable track “Living Legnd” featuring Grap Luba and Rob-O. After one month of being released, it stayed at the #1 spot on for the month of February. In August of 2014, Confidence signed to Kevin Nottingham’s label Hipnott Records. Be on the look out for future releases.

Artist Contact Info:
Confidence | Twitter | Website | Neck Snapping Drums Vol.1

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