Black Milk & Danny Brown “Black & Brown” via Fat Beats Records

Black Milk & Danny Brown “Black & Brown” via Fat Beats Records
Black Milk & Danny Brown “Black & Brown” via Fat Beats Records

In 2011, hip-hop artists from Detroit continued to create some of the most celebrated music in the genre, and no one was raising the standard in the underground as high as Black Milk and Danny Brown. After their collaborative track “Black and Brown” from Black’s LP Album of the Year became a fan favorite, both artists decided to further their collaboration by recording an entire EP together, fittingly titled Black and Brown. While the aforementioned track appears on the EP, the remainder of Black And Brown sees Danny Brown exclusively handling mic duties, with Black Milk showcasing his masterful production.

Black Milk’s album of the year, “Black and Brown,” was released in September 2010, gaining massive reviews from fans and listeners and an impressive showing on the Billboard charts, and his stock has continued to rise ever since. Performing with a live band for over 80 shows on a worldwide tour in support of the album, he has established himself as one of rap’s best live performers.

He also became the first rap artist to record and release music with rock superstar Jack White, who co-produced and played on the much-publicized “Brain” 7-inch single on White’s label Third Man Records. Never straying from his hip-hop roots, Black Milk also serves as a member of the group Random Axe with Sean Price and Guilty Simpson. He single-handedly produced their successful self-titled 2011 full-length release, which received an average score of 80 over 100, showing generally favorable reviews.

Danny Brown first gained worldwide recognition with the release of his album The Hybrid as a free download in March 2010. Since the release, he’s emerged as one of rap’s most distinct new voices and was described by MTV in 2011 as “one of rap’s most unique figures in recent memory.” The shock value of his drug-fueled and sex-laden rhyming has been frequently compared to the early works of Eminem, and his ear for progressive beats, as well as his unique fashion sense, has made him a favorite with critics.

His latest project XXX (pronounced as “triple x” or “30”), was released as a free download in August 2011 by Brooklyn, New York-based record label Fool’s Gold Record and was instantly hailed as one of the top rap albums of the year by artists and fans alike, while receiving heavy coverage from media outlets like Pitchfork, MTV, and The Fader. Brown described XXX as an example of his musical “experimentation to determine how far [he] could push listeners” goal. While describing track 13, “DNA,” as the beginning of Side B, Brown notes that XXX is an attempt at a serious concept album with a storyline: “The cover looked like a record to me, so I was going with the whole vibe.” He said that prior to “DNA,” when the album takes a serious turn, “the first side is about having fun.”

Black Milk & Danny Brown "Black and Brown" via Fat Beats | Music Video

The track “Black and Brown” first appeared on the 2010 release “Album of the Year,” and the video is finally available along with the release of their brand new EP. Directed by Gerard Victor.

01. Sound Check
02. Wake Up
03. Loosie
04. Zap
05. Jordan VIII
06. Dada
07. WTF
08. LOL
09. Dark Sunshine
10. Black & Brown

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Black Milk | Twitter | Facebook | Fat Beats

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Article: Fat Beats
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