Rap Group BPos Unleashes “Pos Tapes The Album” Dope 2012 Music Video

Rap Group BPos Unleashes “Pos Tapes The Album” Dope 2012 Music Video
Rap Group BPos Unleashes “Pos Tapes The Album” Dope 2012 Music Video

San Francisco’s hip-hop sensation BPos (Be Positive) is back with a bang, delivering a 17-track masterpiece titled “Pos Tapes The Album.” This collection features the cream of the crop from their renowned Pos Tapes Vol. 1-3, a trilogy of self-produced mixtape-style digital albums that have been setting the Bay Area ablaze over the past two years. Comprising of D-Wiz, Goodword, Khafre, and their DJ Johnny Venetti, BPos is taking the independent music scene by storm with their unique sound and positive vibes. One League Entertainment, their very own label, is proud to present “Pos Tapes The Album” – the group’s second full-length release, packed with lyrical finesse and mesmerizing beats. This album showcases the group’s undeniable chemistry and features appearances from esteemed local artists such as Z-Man, Pep Love, Equipto, and a few other special guests. With their seamless flow and captivating storytelling, BPos leaves no doubt that they are one of the Bay Area’s most dynamic hip-hop collectives.

The journey of BPos took flight with their debut album, “The Upside,” which soared to an impressive #4 on the CMJ Hip Hop chart in June 2010. Always keen on staying ahead of the curve, BPos ventured into a new trend in independent music – the concept of giving away music for free as digital albums. Thus, “Pos Tapes Vol. 1-3” were born, and the response was nothing short of phenomenal.

These mixtape-style albums not only solidified BPos’ position in the hearts of their loyal fans but also attracted new listeners and garnered widespread recognition. What sets “Pos Tapes Vol. 1-3” apart is the meticulous attention to artistic integrity and originality. Each volume boasts beats from a different producer, showcasing the group’s versatility and adaptability. The result is a captivating musical journey through BPos’ ever-evolving style and sound. The Bay area has always been involved in the evolution of hip-hop culture.

Curious about the inspiration behind the name “Pos Tapes”? Well, it all started when the group was reminiscing about the early days of making music. They recalled the era of “Pause Tapes,” a low-budget technique from the 80s that involved crafting beats using cassettes and a tape recorder. Inspired by this unique approach, BPos cleverly coined the term “Pos Tapes,” paying homage to their roots in hip-hop culture and sparking nostalgia for those who remember the good old days of Pause Tapes.

Bay Area Group BPos "DOPE" From The Pos Tapes The Album | YouTube Music Video

Published in May 2011: Bay Area Group BPos “DOPE” From The Pos Tapes The Album.

With “Pos Tapes The Album,” BPos continues to push the boundaries of hip-hop, breathing new life into the genre with their infectious positivity and dedication to true artistry. As they take listeners on a nostalgic yet fresh musical journey, it’s evident that BPos is a force to be reckoned with, leaving a lasting impact on the ever-evolving landscape of hip-hop. So get ready to groove to the beats of BPos and immerse yourself in the brilliance of “Pos Tapes The Album.” It’s a journey you won’t want to miss!

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