B Flatt “Back to Basics” 2018 Vinyl Record & Tee Shirt Release

  • Sadi posted up with hands in pockets wearing a cap and B Flatt Back To Basics tee shirt.
  • Kayla wearing B Flatt Back To Basics tee shirt with wood cassette necklace.
  • Laurence at Fremont CA skate-park wearing B Flatt Back to Basics tee shirt and black beanie.
    B Flatt “Back to Basics” 2018 Vinyl Record & Tee Shirt Release

    Big Noise Radio hosted a prize package giveaway, valued at $250. In celebration of the B Flatt B2B (Back To Basics) EP Vinyl Record release, by Back 2 Da Source Records in Belgium! The release was scheduled for summer 2018. We’ve had a few folks approach us about pressing the project. After speaking with Bee and Mike from the label, we decided to go with B2DS. It’s been great building with them. They will press 300 vinyl records and print 150 cassette tapes. We’re excited about the release! The Contest ran from April 20th to July 20th, 2018. Allowing each contestant up to 3 months to enter and win.

    The B Flatt B2B (Back To Basics) EP giveaway event will roll out in 2 phases; CD’s, Tee Shirts, USB Flash Drives are in stock now, order starting April 20th, 2018 to enter. Vinyl Record and Cassette Tape preorders will start June 20th, 2018; Place your preorders with Back 2 Da Source starting June 20th, 2018, to enter.

    To Enter, purchase B Flatt Back To Basics or Tyranny & Tone Playtime Is Over from the Big Noise Bandcamp or the eBay Store for our Music Production Cafe. Buy any of the music or merchandise: Tee Shirt, CD, Digital Album, or USB Flash Drive. Starting June 20th, 2018, pre-order the vinyl Record or Cassette from Back 2 Da Source Records. Upon purchase, you will be automatically entered into the Prize Drawing. Follow Big Noise Radio on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, for updates on the giveaway. Thank you everybody!

    1st Prize ($200, Tee Shirt, Signed B Flatt B2B (Back To Basics) Record, Cassette, CD, USB Flash Drive & Wood Cassette Necklace), 2nd Prize ($100, Tee Shirt, Signed B2B Record, Cassette, CD, USB Flash Drive & Wood Cassette Necklace) and 3rd Prize (Tee Shirt, Signed B2B Record, Cassette, CD, USB Flash Drive & Wood Cassette Necklace).

    In 2017 Noiseman completed the design for the B Flatt B2B Tee Shirt. It’s an OBEY inspired design, reflecting the propaganda put forth by the B Flatt project. In 2018 we contracted BG Concepts to print the tee shirt. Printed on quality Alstyle Apparel (AAA) black cotton blanks. They do screen printing for brands like CuKui and Analog Tattoo. We recently completed a photo shoot using models, from Marketing Kings out of Oakland. Everybody loves the shirt, everybody wants one. We really appreciate all the fantastic support!

    In 2016 Big Noise Radio hosted a PRIZE GIVEAWAY valued at over $420, in celebration of the B Flatt “Back To Basics” 20 year anniversary. Contest ran from April 20th to July 20th, 2016. To enter, contestants bought B Flatt “Back To Basics” on Bandcamp. Any format: Digital Album, CD or USB Flash Drive (packaged in a slick 1/2 pint tin). See who won the contest on the We Have A Winner promo-page.

    B Flatt & Tyranny "Back To Basics" Prod by Noiseman Full EP | Bandcamp

    Released on May 1996: B Flatt “Back to Basics” Produced by Noiseman, Released by Big Noise Entertainment, Mastered by Noiseman. Executive Production by Danny Carter.

    B Flatt “Back To Basics” is a vintage hip hop EP, originally released on Cassette and CD in 1996. May 2016 was the 20 year anniversary for the project. The B2B prize giveaway was a worldwide success, continuing to garner international CD sales. Delivering 42 minutes of hip hop music, it was digitally re-mastered, and is currently available in limited edition, on CD and USB Flash Drive. Fans around the world, have requested the album be released on vinyl. The album will again be re-mastered in 2018, with a new analog process Noiseman has perfected in the lab.

    The B Flatt “Back To Basics” EP was an independent release from the Big Noise camp, defining their aspiration to deliver organic hip hop music, embodying soul and authenticity. It was a call to the community to stay balanced, as commercial radio began to misrepresent hip hop culture. Earning interviews and radio play from local collage stations, rocking venues with names like Rasco, from Cali Agents, B-Flatt and Tyranny brought you that authentic hip hop flavor.

    Using the newly acquired Digital Distribution services, via Big Noise Radio, B Flatt Back to Basics is now available on over 150 digital platforms including; iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, Tidal, and Deezer… just to name a few. Using some of our new Big Noise Radio distribution features, you can now; listen, save, and follow B Flatt Back to Basics on Spotify or Apple Music. We really appreciate the support!

    In 1995 the project was produced by Noiseman on an Akai S1100 and sequenced in Cu-Base. Vocals were recorded on a Tascam MS16 1″ tape, then mixed on a Soundcraft 24 track board. This was the first authentic hip hop album produced by Noiseman, after releasing a Break-Beat album via Upstairs Records, in 1994. Peanut Butter Wolfe, founder of Stones Throw Records, was a label-mate at the time. B2B has unexpectedly become a hip hop collectible. We sincerely appreciate everyone who has supported the project!

    B2B Event Sponsors:
    Back 2 Da Source | Website | Facebook
    Marketing Kings | Website | Instagram
    BG Concepts | Website | Facebook

    Keep it locked to Big Noise Radio for authentic hip-hop music and culture from B Flatt & Tyranny!

    Article: Big Noise
    Editor: Noiseman
    Image: Big Noise

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