Damu The Fudgemunk “The Supply For Demand” 2010 Album Release

Damu The Fudgemunk “The Supply For Demand” 2010 Album Release
Damu The Fudgemunk “The Supply For Demand” 2010 Album Release

Originally released in 2010, “Supply For Demand” is a notable album by Damu The Fudgemunk, a versatile artist known for his roles as a producer, DJ, and MC. The title itself pays homage to his growing and devoted fanbase, suggesting that this album is crafted with them in mind. Following the success of Damu’s critically acclaimed instrumental LP, “How It Should Sound” in April 2010, “Supply For Demand” was a swift return with new music, aiming to cater to existing fans while attracting new listeners with unexpected content. Damu’s knack to create authentic underground hip-hop music reigns supreme.

The album showcases Damu’s full range of capabilities, including intricate scratching sections and his signature sonic arrangements. Despite being recognized as a quiet and reserved personality, one of the album’s highlights is the track “DC Joint.” In this song, Damu steps out of his usual comfort zone, acting as a virtual tour guide and effortlessly rapping in detail about the realities, highlights, and lowlights experienced in his hometown of Washington DC. The beat diverges from his typical jazzy style, and the rhymes explore a different facet of Damu’s lyrical prowess. The track comes in reminiscent of something produced by The Bomb Squad.

Damu The Fudgemunk "Supply For Demand" by ReDef Records | Bandcamp Album Stream

Published in November 2010: Damu The Fudgemunk “Supply For Demand” Produced by Damu The Fudgemunk, Released by ReDef Records. Full album download includes an iPhone optimized MP4 file of the “Dont Do It” music video.

Y Society "DON'T DO IT" Official Music Video Insight & Damu The Fudgemunk | Official YouTube Video

Published in September 2010: Y Society “DON’T DO IT” Insight & Damu The Fudgemunk. Directed by Damu, Produced by Damu / JNOTA, Filmed by Jesse PUMA, Edited by JNOTA. “Supply For Demand” released on Vinyl, CD & MP3 in late 2010 by Redefinition Records.

Another notable track is “Don’t Do It,” featuring his fellow Y Society group member, Insight, on the mic. This song holds significance as it marks the return of Y Society, with “Don’t Do It” being the first track released by the group since their 2007 debut LP, “Travel At Your Own Pace.” Damu’s ability to navigate various styles and themes while maintaining a high level of artistry is evident in “Supply For Demand,” making it a noteworthy addition to his discography. Keeping it real with inner city grit, Damu delivers the business.

01. Supply For Demand / Guru Dedication
02. DC Joint (Ward 4 Version)
03. Wonka Beat 4
04. Killin’ Time Rhyme
05. Don’t Do It – Featuring Insight (Y Society)
06. Wonka Beat 6
07. Bright Side – OG Mix
08. Wonka Beat 5
09. Bright Side – 25th Bday Remix
10. DC Joint (Only Built For Washingtonians)- Instrumental
11. Killin’ Time Rhyme – Instrumental
12. Don’t Do It – Instrumental
13. Bright Side Remix – Jazzley Ou’Francis Instrumental
14. Supply For Demand – Instrumental

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Damu The Fudgemunk | Instagram | Soundcloud

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Image: Damu The Fudgemunk

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