Pac Div Release “The Return” Feat Ty$ From GMB Album Prod by Mars 1500

Pac Div Release “The Return” Feat Ty$ From GMB Album Prod by Mars 1500
Pac Div Release “The Return” Feat Ty$ From GMB Album Prod by Mars 1500

The anticipation is reaching a crescendo as Pac Div gears up for the much-awaited release of their album “GMB” on November 27th. To whet the musical appetites of their fans, the Los Angeles trio has dropped their latest single, “The Return.” Building on their recent collaborative streak with local artists, Pac Div enlists the talents of Los Angeles rapper Ty$ aka Ty Dolla Sign for this track, following the Kendrick Lamar and Blu-assisted hit “Cross Trainers.” The premiere of “The Return” on The FADER has ignited excitement, as listeners get a taste of what this dynamic trio has in store. With a keen ear turned to the evolving LA hip-hop scene, Pac Div sees themselves as torchbearers in the city’s hip-hop resurgence. “The Return” is more than just a song; it’s a declaration of Pac Div’s comeback and a celebration of LA’s musical prowess. As Mibbs from Pac Div explains, “The main inspiration behind the song is stating the return of Pac Div and the return of LA’s reign in hip-hop and music in general.”

“The Return” is a labor of love that has been in development for nearly two years. The track exudes a sunny West Coast vibe, reminiscent of lazy summer days, and channels the classic Pac Div sound that fans know and love. Anchored by a powerful bassline, smooth piano samples, and infectious drums, the song creates an irresistible groove that transports listeners back to hip-hop’s golden era. With a flurry of rhymes, Pac Div reinforces the message of LA’s triumphant return to the forefront of musical innovation.

Mibbs passionately declares, “Bottom line, Pac Div is back. LA is back. We never left. We just continue to get stronger with every release and that will never stop. It’s the return to the City of the Angels and Demons!” With these words, he encapsulates the essence of “The Return” – a celebration of resilience, growth, and the unbreakable spirit of hip-hop.

Pac Div’s journey began in Southern California when they formed as a large eleven-member crew. Recognizing the need for a more manageable group size, they distilled their lineup to three members in 2005. The group’s trajectory took off with their first mixtape, “Sealed For Freshness: The Blend Tape,” garnering attention from music industry heavyweights and earning nods from hip-hop legends like Pharrell Williams, Ludacris, and Talib Kweli. Hard work, organization and determination can go a long way.

Pac Div "The Return" Featuring Ty$ Produced by Mars 1500 | Official YouTube Audio Stream

Published in November 2012: Pac Div Featuring Ty$ “The Return” from the album GMB, Produced by Mars 1500, Released by RBC Records.

Their evolution continued with opening slots for icons such as Nas, Q-Tip, and Ice-T, and after releasing mixtapes under the Motown Universal label, they embarked on a new chapter by releasing their debut full-length album, “The Div,” through their own label, The Div Co., in collaboration with RBC Records. Now, as the countdown to “GMB” intensifies, Pac Div is raising the stakes even higher. The upcoming album promises to be their most assertive and powerful release yet, featuring collaborations with friends Mac Miller and Kendrick Lamar. Since this project Ty Dolla Sign has become a very popular artist in mainstream rap circles.

“The Return” is a testament to Pac Div’s unwavering commitment to their craft and their city’s hip-hop legacy. With its infectious groove, memorable rhymes, and the unmistakable essence of LA hip-hop, this track marks a triumphant chapter in the journey of Pac Div and sets the stage for the eagerly anticipated release of “GMB.” As the echoes of “The Return” reverberate through the hip-hop landscape, listeners are reminded that true legends never fade – they only come back stronger.

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