DJ Drastic aka Scratch Johnson Exclusive Big Noise Interview

DJ Drastic aka Scratch Johnson Exclusive Big Noise Interview
DJ Drastic aka Scratch Johnson Exclusive Big Noise Interview

One of Ohio’s Premier DJ’s. Scratch Johnson aka DJ Drastic Ohio has been rocking the Columbus music scene for 20 years. More known for his advanced scratching, beat juggling skills (see DJ Hero). Drastic has mastered the art of Turntablizm. Mixing different music to create a whole new sound. Recently Drastic was voted 2008 Ohio Hip Hop Awards Turntablist of the year with an 09 runner up follow up. Winning numerous DJ battles and competitions including 4 time Columbus Hip Hop Expo Champion. Opening and deejaying for scores of national and local acts. Drastic is definitely a cut above the rest. Drastic is also an accomplished Producer, sound engineer (studio and live), and Master of ceremony. Rocking with different bands ranging from Rock, Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, Drum & bass, and Metal. If you want a DJ that will rock any show any party with an extra wow factor, the former co-owner of Real Nice Recordings record label…

Q. Big Noise: Peace DJ Drastic aka Scratch Johnson can you tell us where you from?
A. Scratch Johnson: The Capitol City Columbus, Ohio.

Q. Big Noise: For those visitors that may not be familiar with your work, what are some songs or albums of yours that you recommend they start with?
A. Scratch Johnson: I’ve Recently Have been doing a lot of work scratching hooks for artists such as Copywrite, Tage Future, Jakki (MHZ), Planet Asia, J Rawls, Killah Priest, Del, Casual, Evidence, Dilated Peoples, Roc Marciano, Motion Man, So many others I can’t name off the top.

Q. Big Noise: Do you still make classic mixtapes, where can we get them?
A. Scratch Johnson: I try to make a mix at least once a month. I still sell mix-tapes I’ve done as far back as 98′ you can contact me at – I have a surplus of music files…hahaha

Q. Big Noise: What was the first mixtape you did and how did that come about?
A. Scratch Johnson: The first mixtape I ever did was more of a mash up tape…lol At the time I couldn’t afford 1200’s so I would play a song on cassette and mix and instrumental to it with 1 belt drive (I think it was pioneer) turntable. I’d Blend the whole song until it was done. Break. Then on to the next Mash up! lol

Q. Big Noise: Do you have a favorite record?
A. Scratch Johnson: All of them.

Q. Big Noise: Where was your very first gig.. paid or unpaid?
A. Scratch Johnson: Unpaid – At this underground performance space underneath the Supper Posh Hair Solon! lol It was maaaaaad gothic down in the piece! I didn’t care I was so amped to rock the spot and show the OG’s what I had learned.

Q. Big Noise: At what age did you take deejaying seriously?
A. Scratch Johnson: However old you are in the 7th grade. lol

Q. Big Noise: Turntables vs Labtop?
A. Scratch Johnson: All of the above.

Q. Big Noise: How did you meet Copywrite?
A. Scratch Johnson: I Met Pete as we were both coming up at this local record store called The Groove Shack. They would hold these open mics every first Friday of the month (I’ll never Forget it) eventually I obtained the spot as House DJ!! Pete was one of the stand out emcees back then Along with Camu Tao (RIP). I would spin the instrumentals for like 3 hours straight!

Q. Big Noise: Is there another MHz Album coming out?
A. Scratch Johnson: Yes there is. It’s in the works as we speak. I wish I could tell you more about it! 🙂

Q. Big Noise: You just got off a tour how was that?
A. Scratch Johnson: Oh Yeah!! The West Coast “Up All Night” Tour with Copywrite, Planet Asia, Tristate, and Timestretch! We hit up San Fran, L.A, Mesa, and Yuma, AZ! It was crazzzzy! It was first time rocking L.A. Loved every minute of it!

Q. Big Noise: You make music largely independently, what do you think of the state of hip-hop as it is today? Is it progressing? Is it dying? Is it dead?
A. Scratch Johnson: I think it’s wide open now. The playing field is leveled. With the right product and attitude, anyone can shine in this industry.

Q. Big Noise: Any Advice for upcoming DJ’s trying to get in the game?
A. Scratch Johnson: PRACTICE!

Q. Big Noise: Where can fans and producers contact you for gigs or production?
A. Scratch Johnson: I be at the normal spots… email:, facebook & twitter.

Q. Big Noise: Any last words?
A. Scratch Johnson: I have a new release out called Ear Progression. You can get it on ITunes. If you want to take a break on writing your own hooks, get at me, I’ll scratch them for you!! Quality and fast turnover! Look forward to your business!

Artist Contact Info:
Scratch Johnson | Facebook | Twitter

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Interview: dagettoblazta
Editor: Noiseman
Image: Scratch Johnson

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