Baltimore Group 3913 Shines a Spotlight “Get The Money” Music Video

Baltimore Group 3913 Shines a Spotlight “Get The Money” Music Video
Baltimore Group 3913 Shines a Spotlight “Get The Money” Music Video

In the bustling landscape of hip-hop, where authenticity and genuine storytelling are often sought after, Baltimore-based group 3913 emerges as a beacon of raw truth and relatability. Their latest music video, “Get The Money,” is more than just a visual treat; it’s a window into the heart and soul of an artist duo committed to portraying life’s struggles and triumphs with unfiltered honesty. Let’s dive into the captivating world of 3913 and their latest project, “The One Way Ticket EP.”

The Journey Behind "The One Way Ticket EP"

“The One Way Ticket EP” is more than just an assortment of tracks; it’s a profound reflection of the journey that Abdul Boogie and Darryl Griffin, the driving forces behind 3913, have undertaken as both artists and individuals. The EP is a testament to the understanding that life’s happiness is often found in pursuing one’s passion, and for these artists, that passion is music.

Boogie and Griffin take their real-life experiences and transform them into a collection of songs that resonate deeply with listeners from all walks of life. From the strains of financial struggles to the challenges of parenthood and the overarching theme of growing up, every track serves as a mirror to society’s shared experiences. The EP’s production, crafted by talents like Dre Beluved The Truth, J Malo, and Darryl Griffin, brings the stories to life, and the tracks are polished to perfection under the expert touch of MixxMaster Paul Johnson.

What sets this project apart is that every lyric, every rhythm, and every emotion comes directly from the minds and hearts of Boogie and Griffin. With no features, the EP serves as a candid glimpse into their personal narratives, creating an authentic connection with their audience. The Baltimore group 3913 shines a spotlight on the “Get The Money” music video. The production on the track is a chill blend of boom-bap beats and smooth lofi vibes. A chill-hop incantation of the classic Rock The Bells.

Unveiling 3913: The Artists Behind the Sound

Founded in Baltimore in 2009, 3913 is not just a name; it’s a reflection of their roots and origins. Derived from 3913 Emmart Avenue, the birthplace of the group, the name encapsulates the essence of their beginnings and the journey they’ve embarked upon since then. The artists find inspiration in iconic groups like De La Soul, M.O.P., and The Roots. Their sound is a harmonious fusion of the essence of A Tribe Called Quest and the innovative spirit of Outkast. Their music is more than just entertainment; it’s a genuine representation of the streets they grew up on, the challenges they’ve faced, and the dreams they’re striving to achieve.

In a world of ever-evolving hip-hop, 3913 stands as a voice for the everyman. Their music is an embodiment of the neighborhoods they hail from and the city that surrounds them. With “The One Way Ticket EP,” they seek to rejuvenate the essence of hip-hop by infusing it with a modern twist, just as they view their beloved Baltimore. The city has always been a part of the hip-hop movement.

Boogie’s musical charisma and Griffin’s gritty lyricism converge to create a sound that’s not only versatile but deeply organic. In the music video for “Get The Money,” the duo takes us on a visual journey that mirrors their lyrical narrative. From the streets to the spotlight, the video captures the essence of their struggle for success and the passion that drives them forward.

Baltimore Group 3913 Shines a Spotlight on "Get The Money" | YouTube Official Music Video

Published in January 2013: Baltimore Group 3913 “Get The Money”, Directed by Tha Profitt.

3913 is not just a hip-hop group; they’re torchbearers of authenticity and genuine connection. Through their music, they hope to spark a new era of local music in Baltimore that’s as diverse and promising as the city itself.

As they rise, so does the voice of the city they call home. In a world craving real stories and true experiences, 3913’s “The One Way Ticket EP” and the accompanying “Get The Money” music video provide a refreshing dose of unfiltered reality, reminding us that music’s power lies in its ability to reflect the human journey in all its complexity and beauty.

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