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Colour Duo 2-Channel Colour Channel Strip 19″ Rack Mount Unit


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  • Description

    Fully Assembled Colour Duo 2-Channel Colour Channel Strip 1U 19″ Rack Mount Unit

    The Colour Duo 2-Channel is the ultimate tool for adding analog color to your audio tracks. Each of the Duo’s two channels is a full channel strip, with mic preamps, line inputs and three Colour slots each per channel. You can purchase the Colour Duo unit on its own or with one of our Colour Bundles. The bundles contain stereo pairs of each Colour, so six Colours each. To learn more about each bundle, check out our Colour Format Page coming soon.

    The Ultimate Colour Palette: With the Duo DIYRE set out to make the Colour Palette of your dreams. Each channel features three Colour slots, with their own independent controls and bypass switches. New to the Colour section is the much-requested wet / dry mix control. The MIX knob allows for versatile parallel signal processing without making extra tracks in your project file. Push your Colour modules as hard as you’d like and blend in the dry signal till you get exactly the sound you’re searching for. These are real analog circuits as opposed to software plugins.

    The Colour Duo is the first Colour Palette that lets you swap Colours on the fly without any tools. Simply loosen the thumb screws on the front panel and the entire panel slides out, giving you immediate access to the Colours at any time.

    Black anodized 19" rack mount stereo analog color channel strip

    World-Class Preamps: The Colour Duo features the same pristine mic preamps that made the CP5, DIYRE’s best-selling kit. With exceptionally low noise and 66dB of gain, this isn’t your interface’s built in preamp. Once you hear them at work, you won’t hesitate to record your most important sources with them. The Colour Duo’s line input is an independent stage that bypasses the preamp completely. And since the line and mic inputs come in on separate jacks, you can keep both connected and just switch between them with the LINE / MIC button on the front panel.

    Black anodized 19" rack mount stereo analog color channel strip

    Versatile Connectivity: DIYRE gives you all the connectivity they could think of. Why? Because they wanted to provide a system that allows optimum work flow. They even equipped a power THRU jack so you can power multiple Colour Duo units from one supply. TWO CHANNEL MIC PREAMP; Track your two most important sources or a stereo pair with the Duo’s two world-class preamps. You can track clean to process later, or engage Colours for processing on the way in. DUAL CHANNEL STRIP; Use the two channels as line inserts to bring real hardware color to your tracks. Warm up a vocal with saturation or push a room mic to the extreme with a compressor. STEREO BUS PROCESSOR; Add punch to a stereo drum bus or glue your entire mix together with tape and transformer saturation.

    Black anodized 19" rack mount stereo analog color channel strip

    Fully Assembled & Tested: Hand assembled with care and passion by the Big Noise MPC staff, in the united states. Approx 20 hour build time. The Colour Duo 2-Channel Colour Channel Strip is crafted with quality components, we test and characterized each unit after assembly.

    Colour Duo 2-Channel Colour Channel Strip | Audio Equipment & Analog Gear | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


    • Fully Assembled Colour Duo 2-Channel Colour Channel Strip
    • Fully Compatible with 19″ Rack Mount Cabinets
    • 21 Step Controls for Setting Recall & Stereo Operation
    • Black Anodized Aluminum Knobs & Front Panel Drawer Slides Out
    • Active Switch Mute Signal to Protect System while Swapping Colours
    • 110-220v Class 2 Adapter High-Current (1.5A) Power Supply
    • Regulated +/-16vDC & +48vDC Outputs | 5-pin XLR Power Jack
    • Includes Vintage Iron-Core Transformer Output
    • 3 Colour Slots Per Channel | Individual Bypass & Colour Controls
    • Makeup Gain / Trim Knob | Wet / Dry Mix Knob
    • Mic Input 66dB Gain | +48V Phantom Power
    • 80Hz High-Pass Filter | Polarity & -20dB Pad
    • 2 XLR Mic Inputs | 2 Combo XLR / TRS Line Outputs
    • Anodized Aluminum Front Panel | Powder-Coated Steel Chassis

    Big Noise MPC | | Music Production Cafe

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  • Shipping Info

    Weight 5.5 lbs
    Dimensions 24 × 10 × 6 in
  • Documentation

    Download the Colour Duo Manual Below

    Thank you for purchasing the Colour Duo. Now let’s get oriented. The Duo is designed to be the ultimate Palette for the Colour format. It is a two-channel, combination mic preamp and line-level processor. The channels can be used independently or as a stereo pair. The Colour section features three Colour slots with independent controls, a makeup gain/trim control, and a wet/dry mix knob. Colours can be swapped via the Duo’s unique drawer feature without having to disconnect or power down the unit.

    Quick Start Guide

    This manual will help you get the most out of your Duo by covering the features in-depth and demonstrating some use cases. But the Duo is also designed to be easy and intuitive to use, so if you’d rather play around than read, just follow the steps below:
    • Plug the external power supply into the POWER INPUT jack and then into an outlet.
    • Connect a microphone to the MIC INPUT jack or a line output to the LINE INPUT jack.
    • Connect either the XLR or ¼” TRS output jack to a line input on your audio interface.
    • Press the ACTIVE switch to engage audio.
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