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70’s Character Colour Bundle 3 Stage Vintage Audio Channel


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    Fully Assembled 70’s Character Colour Bundle 3 Stage Vintage Audio Channel | 500-Series

    The 70’s Character Colour Bundle emulates a vintage audio channel in a single 500-series mono MKII unit using authentic analog circuitry. Compare a typical 1970’s signal chain to today’s: in the 70’s a mic would be run into a console channel strip with its dozens of transformers and transistors, then perhaps to a compressor, then to a tape machine. Every one of the hundreds of analog components the signal passed through would impart some sort of character to the tone. Low frequency phase shifts created by the transformers and tape system delivered ear pleasing bass tones. These days, most of us plug a mic right into a digital interface, typically delivering a transparent sound lacking tonal color and sonic character.

    So is it any surprise that it’s difficult to make records with lots of warmth and character today? We’re simply not running our signals through as much colorful stuff. The 70’s Character Colour Kit Bundle brings three stages of real analog tone to your studio using authentic analog components. The mix knob associated with each stage allows you to dial in the amount of Colour you want for that stage. Mixing different amounts of each stage can create some amazing results! The following Colour modules are included:

    15IPS Tape Saturation Colour: 15IPS is a filtering and saturation Colour inspired by the natural compression and frequency-response characteristics of high-quality analog tape. 15IPS provides focus and heft to the low end with the resonant bass “bump” for which tape is known. At moderate levels, NOS Germanium diodes begin to gently round off transients and generate subtle, warming harmonics. When pushed hard, the circuit will impart copious amounts of musical distortion.

    TM79 Multi-Stage Saturation Colour: Eisen Audio is a Brooklyn-based, high-end audio design firm whose credits include the DIY500 preamp and designs for Purple Audio, AwTAC, and NonLinearAudio. The TM79 is a new analog saturation design from Eisen released exclusively for the Colour format. Instead of attempting to replicate a particular vintage design, the TM79 draws its inspiration from various technologies and textures found on classic records of the 1970s. Every component and circuit element has been carefully chosen by ear in pursuit of “That 70’s Tone.”

    RED-25 Discrete Opamp Kit: The RED-25 is Whistle Rock Audio’s version of the sought-after Huntington era AP2520 from API.

    Although a mostly SMT discrete opamp may seem unorthodox, you can be assured that all the components in the RED-25 have been carefully selected with a no-compromise approach. Throughout the prototyping stage, no less than three different manufacturers of equivalent SMT transistors were evaluated. It goes without saying that only the very best were chosen for the RED-25. In fact, performance measurements of the opamp show that the RED-25 is on par with its through-hole counterpart.

    All surface-mount resistors are Susumu thin-film resistors and all capacitors are Murata C0G/NP0 types for the lowest noise and distortion achievable. The RED-25 sounds large and impressive. The low-end alone is worth making it a part of your tone arsenal.

    Fully Assembled & Tested: Hand assembled with care and passion by the Big Noise staff, in the united states. Approx 12 hour build time. The 70’s Character Colour Kit Bundle is crafted with quality components, we test and characterized each unit after assembly. A 500-Series lunch-box or rack-mount chassis with power supply are required to operate this unit.

    70’s Character Colour Bundle | Audio Gear & Studio Equipment | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


    • Fully Assembled 70’s Character Colour Bundle
    • Fully Compatible with 500-Series Format
    • 21 Step Controls for Recall & Stereo Operation/li>
    • Black Anodized Aluminum Knobs and Front Panel
    • Electronically Balanced Inputs & Outputs
    • Three Colour Sockets Including 3 Colour Modules
    • Colour Mix Control | Adjust Colour without Changing Gain

    Big Noise MPC | | Music Production Cafe

    Handling: Approx 10 to 15 Business Days | Cost covers shipping and signature confirmation.
    Shipping: This product is shipped USPS Priority Mail. Other shipping options available upon request.


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    Weight 3 lbs
    Dimensions 11 × 9 × 6 in
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