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Slapz Kit Vol.1 Analog Snare Sample Kit WAV | Digital Download


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    Slapz Kit Vol.1 Analog Snare Samples | Drum Sample Kit

    Analog drum samples captured to perfection via extensive tweaking, mixing, and analog processing. The “Slapz Kit Vol. 1 – Snares” kit features 30 mix ready, hard smacking snare samples.

    Each snare was created then hand selected, re-sampled through an E-Mu SP-1200 for FAT Analog Flavor.

    Additional Processing courtesy of Manuel Roessler – From there the Snares left Pro Tool’s HD through the DA Converters and were fed into a SSL Bus Compressor. After leaving the Bus Compressor the signal was patched into an original SSL 4000 G-series channel strip where certain amounts of EQ and little compression was applied. Then a Pultec styled EQ (Mercury EQ) was used to give the Snares a nice airy Top End. Finally, the signal was summed and recorded back into Pro Tools through a Dangerous Music 2 Bus and AD Converters.

    If you are looking for punchy, warm, hip hop drum sounds download the first installment of the “Slapz Kit Vol.1”


    • 62 Snare Files | 16-bit 44KHz WAV Format
    • Compatible With Any Hardware / Software System Using WAV Audio Format

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