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OLA5 Opto Compressor with Vintage Output & Discrete Op-Amp


  • Fully Assembled & Tested
  • Users Guide Included
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  • Description

    Fully Assembled OLA5 Opto Compressor by DIYRE with Vintage Output & 2520 DOA

    There is nothing like classic opto compressor OLA5 to get that large vintage-audio sound on your drums or audio program. Discrete Op-Amp and vintage iron-core transformer signal path options are included with this beautiful unit. After running some tests in the recording studio we were amazed to hear the huge 1970’s vintage-audio sound that came out of this unit. The subtle undertones and artifacts sought after via 1960’s and 1970’s break-beat records are all produced by this compressor / limiter. We set the ratio to 12:1, enabled the high-pass filter and limiting, set the threshold, set the mix to “wet” and started to drive the limiting circuit. OMG; the depth of the bass tones, the heaviness of the drums and the beautiful background reverb all stood out in a way I’ve not hear other gear achieve. Huge sound on the drums! Use these on individual channels or the stereo mix. You would need to spend well over $1,000 to purchase a unit that would sound even close to this one.

    Classic Opto Leveling, Upgraded Signal Path: The Urei LA-4 leveling amplifier has always lived in the shadows of it’s older siblings, the LA-2A and LA-3A. Despite possessing the distinctive, musical compression character its family is known for, the LA-4 was compromised by the muddy sound of early chip technology. These units set the gold standard in the 1960’s and 1970’s regarding compressor / limiter quality and tone, 1000’s of recordings have been released using these classic units.

    With the OLA5, DIYRE painstakingly recreated the LA-4’s leveling behavior—including cloning the original opto cell after finding that no modern substitute would do—but that’s where the resemblance to the LA-4 ends. The OLA5’s signal path is completely overhauled and upgraded. And the workflow hews closer to the LA-2A and LA-3A, while adding new features like a side-chain high-pass filter and parallel MIX control. No doubt, this is one of the best “bang-for-the-buck” Compressor / Limiters on the market!

    Modern Clarity or Vintage Tone: As with the EQP5 Equalizer by DIYRE, you can choose between the Modern Output stage for more transparency or the Vintage Output for a thicker, more colored sound. The vintage output is upgraded with an iron core transformer and 2520 Discrete Op-Amp. Select vintage or modern output modes without any soldering. There are 2 jumpers on the board that allows you to change options. In theory you can add a panel switch to these jumpers and the Ratio jumper if you’re so inclined.

    Fully Assembled & Tested: Hand assembled with care and passion by the Big Noise MPC staff, in the united states. Approx 16 hour build time. The classic Opto Compressor OLA5 is crafted with quality components, we test and characterized each unit after assembly. A 500-Series lunch-box or rack-mount chassis with power supply are required to operate this unit.

    OLA5 Classic Opto Compressor | Beat Maker Equipment & Provisions | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


    • Fully Assembled Classic Opto Compressor OLA5
    • Fully Compatible with 500-Series Format
    • 21 Step Controls for Setting Recall & Stereo Operation
    • Black Anodized Aluminum Knobs & Front Panel
    • Unique; Custom Upgraded Opto Assembly
    • 10-LED Gain Reduction Meter
    • Switchable Wet / Dry MIX Knob
    • Includes Vintage Iron-Core Transformer Output
    • Includes Discrete Op-Amp Module | 2520 DOA
    • Compression Ratio: 2:1 or 12:1 Jumper Selected
    • Horizontal Format Front Panels Available
    • Push-button Function Select Switches:
    • LIM – Switches Between Compressor & Limiter Modes
    • HPF – Filters Low-Frequencies Out of the Side-chain
    • MIX – Engages the Wet / Dry Mix Control
    • LINK – Enables Stereo Linking
    • IN – Engages the Compressor

    Big Noise MPC | | Music Production Cafe

    Handling: Approx 10 to 15 Business Days | Cost covers shipping and signature confirmation.
    Shipping: This product is shipped USPS Priority Mail. Other shipping options available upon request.


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    Weight 3.5 lbs
    Dimensions 11 × 9 × 6 in
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