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L2P Passive Stereo Line Attenuator Box | -10dB or -30dB Pads


  • Fully Assembled & Tested
  • Users Guide Included
  • Pro Audio Equipment

  • Description

    Fully Assembled L2P Stereo Line-Level Passive Attenuator by DIYRE

    Use this handy DIYRE audio tool L2P passive stereo line attenuator to get the most out of your mic pre-amps, direct boxes and audio transformers. Use these in conjunction with your pre-amps and line-level saturation devices such as DOA’s and Audio Transformers, you can pad their output so you can drive them harder to add color and drive to your audio program.

    The L2P is a two-channel, balanced line/microphone pad with two attenuation options. The -10dB setting is perfect for padding the output of mic pre-amps so you can run them hot without clipping your converters. The -30dB setting is a “line-to-mic” pad that allows you to run tracks directly from your audio interface or mixer to the inputs of your microphone pre-mps.

    Fully Assembled & Tested: Hand assembled with care and passion by the Big Noise MPC staff, in the united states. Approx 2 hour build time. The L2P Stereo Line-Level Passive Attenuator is crafted with quality components, we test and characterize each unit after assembly. 2 XLR cables required to connect Mic Preamp.

    L2P Passive Stereo Line Attenuator Box | Audio Gear & Studio Equipment | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


    • Assembled L2P Stereo Passive Line-Level Attenuator | Standard Build
    • Selectable 10dB or -30dB Pads
    • Affordable Studio Quality Attenuator with a Small Footprint
    • Excellent Matched 2 Channel Stereo Operation
    • Audio Channel & Line-To-Mic Pad
    • Anodized Aluminum Enclosure
    • Neoprene Foam Pad for Desktop Use

    Big Noise MPC | | Music Production Cafe

    Handling: Approx 10 to 15 Business Days | Cost covers shipping and signature confirmation.
    Shipping: This product is shipped USPS Priority Mail. Other shipping options available upon request.


  • Shipping Info

    Weight .70 lbs
    Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in
  • Documentation

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