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Audio Magic XFLTMZ1:1 Hi-Fi Audio Transformer | 3Hz – 250KHz


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  • Description

    Audio Magic XFLTMZ1:1 Hi-Fi Stereo Audio Transformer Pair | 3Hz to 250KHz Bandwidth

    Now Available in these sleek new machined billet-aluminum Octal Module designs. Collect and swap transformer modules to create custom channel strips and unique sonic profiles. These modular units replace the original XFLTMZ1:1 designs.

    This essential passive audio tool brings color, detail, improved sonic image, spacial separation, harmonics and glue to your audio mix. Low frequency phase shift enhances bass frequencies. These German manufactured transformers, deliver an extended frequency range from 3Hz to 250KHz, and impart a fantastic audiophile sound. Dubbed the Audio Magic XFLTMZ1:1, this piece of gear will add subtle character to your audio recordings and mixes. Sounds are glued together, in an ear pleasing way, as they transition through the toroidal magnetic medium. The Octal Modules pictured here are prototypes, production models coming soon. Various transformer selections will be available.

    This stereo German issue high performance audio transformer, is a no compromise, professional audio signal transformer primarily intended for line level input and/or output applications. This broadcast / pro-audio quality audio signal transformer offers low distortion, even at high signal levels. We chose the Lehle LTMZ 1:1 transformer for this design because of it’s wide-band frequency performance. It exhibits wide bandwidth, common mode rejection ratio and distortion characteristics from 3Hz to 250kHz. Transformer encased in a metal can providing magnetic shielding.

    This is the first release of out new Modular Series Audio Transformers. Using octal tube connectors, the stereo base allows you to plug-and-play audio transformers of your choice. The octal module shown here uses a toroidal ring core designed for extremely low loss, strong coupling and very low noise. We will offer Octal Transformer modules soon, please stay tuned. Seen here, the 1st pre-production unit delivered subtle warming and gluing of the audio signal. As well as opening up the the sonic image and frequency spectrum. High quality die-cast magnesium enclosure. Large non-slip rubber feet. Quality 1/4″ TRS audio I/O connectors. Each transformer is fabricated once the order is placed.

    This hardware can be put to work during sampling, recording, mixing and mastering. By using it at all project stages, you can achieve results previously only achieved at large studios. These 10K ohm German made transformers, using Torodal Mumetal cores, provide minimum load at low frequencies and allow for transparent low end performance. Perfect for achieving galvanic isolation for low and mid impedance audio connections. Can be used for for eliminating ground loops and hum with interconnected equipment. This product allows project and home studios to achieve outstanding audio quality, at affordable cost. Hand built and tested in the United States, with quality and passion.

    Audio Magic XFLTMZ1 | Audio Gear & Studio Equipment | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


    • Stereo I/O: Left & Right Channels
    • Fully Balanced: Tip, Ring, Sleeve
    • Removable Octal Modules (2x)
    • Toroidal Mumetal Core | Low Loss / Low Noise
    • Frequency Response: – 3 dB 3 Hz to 250 kHz
    • Power Level Max: 3.9 Vrms @ 20 Hz | 9.8 Vrms @ 50 Hz
    • Distortion at 1 kHz / 0 dBu: 0.002%
    • Winding Ratio: 1:1 (10K:10K)
    • Production Issue: 2021
    • MN: LEHLE LTMZ 1:1
    • Core Material: Mumetal Toroid
    • Impedance: 10K Ohms
    • DC Resistance: 90 Ohms Primary | 100 Ohms Secondary
    • Metal Shield | Transformer
    • Product Dimensions (WxDxH): 4.75″ x 3.625″ x 3.50″
    • Product Weight: 1 Pounds | 2 Ounces

    Handling: 7 to 14 Days
    Shipping: This product is shipped USPS Priority Mail. Other shipping options available upon request.


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    Weight 1.5 lbs
    Dimensions 11 × 9 × 3 in
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