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Very Sick Wavs v.01 Sample Library by VSB | Digital Download


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    “Very Sick Wavs v.01” Sample Library by VSB | 16bit 44KHz Wav Samples

    If you are looking for samples without drums, this sample pack is for you! The 5th installment in the VSB Soulful Sound Library Series, “Very Sick Wavs v.01”. As a beat-maker who likes to sample, it can get frustrating when I come across those gems that I can’t use because the drums are in the way. Sure there are techniques to filter them out, but sometimes that’s just not satisfactory. This sample pack was created to eliminate that problem, giving you samples without the drums! This allows for better manipulation of your samples, so you’re not forced to compromise based on unwanted drum sounds. For the up in coming beat-maker or the seasoned producer, this sample pack will make a great addition to your sound collection. The arrangements are well recorded, soulful and full of authentic tones.

    Being a DITC kind of guy, raised on Wax Poetics magazines, I’ve always been fascinated with making hip hop beats from sampling records. There’s always that excitement when you find that great section on the record where the break or funky groove lives. Furthermore, the wish that you could somehow have access to the original master recording so you can, say, just sample the organ or the bass line, without the drums and everything ells. In the mid and late 90’s, there were lots of companies offering music samples with stems (individual instrument tracks). However, these early attempts to deliver individual instrumentation for sampling, had much to be desired. J.Filt has refined the essence of that idea, and now delivers a beautiful assortment of original compositions, for your sampling pleasure!


    • 468 Audio Files | 16-bit 44KHz WAV Format
    • 10 Original Tracks: 100% Royalty Free Samples
    • 42 Separated Tracks: Stems Provided Each Track
    • 400 Chops: Fender Rhodes, Bass, Guitar (live) | Vibes, Pianos, Organs, Synths, Strings, Harps
    • Bonus Drum Sample Kit: Kicks, Snares, Hi Hats, Percussion
    • Processed Through Classic MPC2000xl for Added Warmth and Grit
    • Compatible With Any Hardware / Software System Using WAV Audio Format


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