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Very Sick Drums & Bass v.01 Sample Library | Bundle Download


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    “Very Sick Drums v.01” Sample Library by VSB | 16bit 44KHz Drum Samples

    We’re pleased to present the “Very Sick Drums v.01” Sample Library by J.Filt VSB. This is the 4th sound set for the “Soulful Sound Library Series”, and is chalked full of exclusive hip hop drum sounds for your production needs. In general, most available drum kits cater to that “commercial sound”. That’s all good, but if you want to separate yourself from the majority of the music on the radio, you’ll want some original sounds. This kit is for those of you into the esoteric underground sound, that raw organic hip hop music. Some of you may have super clean drums, by adding some grit and saturation to your mix, with these drums, you can give your music that authentic vintage sound and feel.

    If you’re goal is to produce great hip hop or soul music, the drum tracks are one of the most important foundations for those styles of music. If you don’t have the right drums sounds, recorded with the right organic timing and feeling, your music will lack the important elements, that define it’s authenticity. Following the tradition of production greats like J Dilla, 9th Wonder, Kev Brown and Khrysis, to name a few, J.Filt has created a drum set, hands down, that delivers those elements required to achieve that treasured sound. The care and research that went into selecting and recording these drum sounds, delivers nothing but the best in hip hop drum resources. The vintage timber and sound quality of the drums, allow for authentic drum track arrangements. A truly diverse drum palette for producing modern hip hop and neo-soul music.


    • 536 Audio Files | 16-bit 44KHz WAV Format
    • Categorized by Folders: Kicks, Snares, Hi Hats, Claps, Rims / Snaps, Cymbals / Toms, Percussion, SFX
    • Drum Sound Combinations: Kick, Snare, Hi Hat… Great For Faster Beat Making
    • Bonus Folder: 10 Original Soulful Samples All BPM Provided
    • Processed Through Classic MPC2000xl for Added Warmth and Grit
    • Compatible With Any Hardware / Software System Using WAV Audio Format


    “Very Sick Bass v.01” Sample Library by VSB | 16bit 44KHz Bass Samples

    We’re pleased to present the “Very Sick Bass v.01” Sample Library by J.Filt VSB. This time around J.Filt thought about beat-makers who need resources for the bass line. “In my personal opinion, no classic track is truly complete without the bass line”. For some, the dilemma may be in the amount of time it takes to dig and find a dope bass line loop for your beat. For others, it may be searching for authentic sounds and tones to create your own original bass line. Well fortunately, the Very Sick Bass Sample Library caters to both issues. Using the live loops adds that old school feel to your beats, like having a live player in your recording session. You can also chop them up and spread them out on the keyboard. Then rearrange them any way you like, create your own bass melodies.

    Kev Brown, Black Milk and Nottz are known for lacing their joints, with tight bass lines that bring character and polish to the arrangements. The neo soul influence on hop hip bass lines, as the genera has evolved over the last ten years, has definitely brought an appreciated complexity to the music. The relationship between the bass line and the drum track is critical for great music. In order to make a statement with your tracks, you have to have diverse and unique bass line resources in your tool box. J.Filt delivers again with this first edition of his Very Sick Bass v.01 Sample Library.


    • 125 Audio Files: 16-bit 44KHz WAV Format
    • All Sounds Categorized by Note and BPM
    • All Sounds 100% Royalty Free
    • 50 Live Bass 1-Shots: Chords, Single Notes, Octaves, Slides
    • 50 Original Bass Loops: 80bpm to 96bpm
    • Recorded Live: Vintage 80’s Era Yamaha 4-String Bass
    • 25 Bonus Synth Bass Loops
    • Processed Through Classic MPC2000xl for Added Warmth and Grit


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