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Sample Based VST Drum Machine Sequencer | Free Download 2


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    VST Drum Machine Sequencer by TheDrumSource | Free Download 2

    Includes free download of the Big Noise MPC Drum Sampler Set 02; various drum samples from DJ DN3 Drum Collection, Ultimate Break Beats v.01 & Basic Seven v.02. Allowing you to check the flavor on these amazing drum sample kits.

    TheDrumSource is a sample based drum machine VST instrument with a sequencer. It looks and “feels” like a classic (x0x) hardware drum machine. The built in sample browser makes it very easy to navigate through your samples. With the previous and next sample buttons you can quickly change a sample. The guys behind TheDrumSource are Ola Wistedt and Mats Lindfors. Ola writes the code in C++. Mats gives TheDrumSource the beautiful look.

    TheDrumSource exists because Peter Heerdt told Ola Wistedt about how he missed the feeling to program drums like he does on the hardware drum machines such as Roland TR-808. He had found what he wanted Propellerheads ReDrum drum machine but found it irritating to have two hosts in parallel running, because ReDrum isn’t a VST.


    • Free Download | Includes: Drum Sampler Set 02
    • Sample Formats: WAV, AIFF, AIFC, AU, SND, RAW, PAF, IFF, SVX,
    • SF, VOC, W64, MAT4, MAT5, PVF, XI, HTK, CAF, SD2, FLAC, OGG
    • 16/32/64/128 Sequences Selected for Each Pattern
    • New Sequencer Engine (much more accurate)
    • 12 Output Channels, One for Each Sample
    • Swing Mode on Selected Channels
    • Swing Mode on Selected Channels
    • Sample Package Created by Mats Lindfors Included
    • A Preset to Get Started Faster | Pan Knobs
    • Reset for Pitch / Pan Knobs via Right Click Menu
    • Stereo Mixdown Saved with Project
    • Last Selected Pattern is Saved with Project

    Download: Immediate Download Just Add To Cart


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