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Neck Snapping Drums Vol.1 & Vol.2 by Confidence | Download


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    “Neck Snapping Drums Vol.1 & Vol.2” by Confidence | Digital Drum Bundle

    Vol.01: Are you tired of purchasing drums kits only to be dissatisfied by the lack of quality? I think we’ve all been there before. Snares that sound cut off, kicks that have some sort of music behind it. You know the types. Confidence decided to put together drum kits that he’s used in his own productions and beats so that all the sounds you’ll get are nothing but official. All 20 kits contain a kick, snare and hi hat all separated into folders together.

    Introducing Neck Snapping Drums Vol. 1. These kits are ready to go and really don’t need any processing. Reverb, EQ and compression have been added to help create that neck snapping sound. Each Drum Kit contains a Kick Drum, Snare Drum and Hi-Hat, optimized to each other, allowing you to select the set you like and get to work on that next beat you’ve been thinking about, plug and play! At $1 a kit, and $20 for the whole set, the value is tremendous.


    “I was lucky to be one of the first to be able to try out these drumkits. The kits are exactly how I expected them to be, which means just like Confidence’s beats they go straight to the essence. There are no filler sounds. It’s just the raw backbone of any boom bap beat. Every kit has one kick, one hat and one snare. Quality over quantity. When going through them I quickly noticed that with every kit the hat kick and snare go perfectly together, that makes it so easy to work with. Also, all kits give you a bit of that similar flavor. which basically means: you get no less then a part of the Confidence signature-sound to work with here! And if you know the man’s beats, that is not a bad thing.” ~Chris

    “I don’t normally buy drum kits, I’m a old school break diggin kinda guy at heart….. but…. I saw an opportunity to buy Confidence’s drums and at first I was skeptical, because typically in drum packs, there might be 1 or 2 sounds which you keep but normally the rest is garbage…. let me tell you now MOST if not ALL of these kits are hot and are welcome in my drum arsenal. Worth purchasing….” ~Nik


    • 16bit 44KHz WAV Samples
    • 20 Drum Sample Kits
    • 60 Hip Hop Drum Sounds
    • 20 Kicks, 20 Snares & 20 Hi-Hat


    “Neck Snapping Drums Vol.1 & Vol.2” by Confidence | Digital Drum Bundle

    Vol.02: After the wildly successful Neck Snapping Drums Vol. I, Confidence decided to step back into the lab and bless producers and beatmakers with a new set of sounds. The drum break edition includes 15 breaks, cut up and processed into individual kits of kicks, snare and hats. These aren’t your standard breaks just recycled, they’re all hand picked and tailored around specific beats created for that authentic feel. So, you’re getting drums that were all used in Confidence’s own productions. No need to do anything else except to create. Peep the example beats, mixed by the legendary DJ Grazzhoppa.

    Following the tradition of the greatest hip-hop producers to put it down; DJ Premiere, Pete Rock, The Alchemist, Marco Polo… just to name a few. Confidence brings us the ultimate Drum Kit for producing authentic golden era hip-hop music, with that new school sound quality. High fidelity Boom Bap for your drum machine. The care and engineering delivered by these 15 amazing drum kits can be heard in the example beats “Neck Snapping Drums Vol. II” sampler, mixed by DJ Grazzhoppa. The thickness of the bottom end, and warmth of the mid tones is phenomenal! The clarity of the snares and top end, bring that fully polished sound to your music and mixes. Don’t sleep on this incredible drum set!


    “I was immediately blown away by the drum beat and soundbites, on the intro of the Neck Snapping Drums Vol. II” sampler, mixed by DJ Grazzhoppa. The classic sound quality that defines great hip-hop music was right there, thumping out of my speakers, Without question, these are the drum sounds I need to take my production to the next level. I’ll definitely be using these drums on upcoming projects in 2017. These are the kind of drums you want to keep to yourself. Tools that make your music stand out from the rest.” ~Noiseman

    “A beast at his craft!!! Salute Confidence for your influence and inspiration!!!” ~Watkinz Da General


    • 16bit 44KHz WAV Samples
    • 15 Drum Sample Kits
    • 45 Vinyl Break Drum Sounds
    • 15 Kicks, 15 Snares & 15 Hi-Hats


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