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G#/Ab “Back of The Bus Drum Library” Tuned in Key Drums | Digital Download


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    G#/Ab “Back of The Bus Drum Library” Tuned in Key Drums | 16bit 44KHz WAV Files

    Tuned In Key “G#/Ab” Hip Hop Drum Samples | Tonal Harmony Beat Making

    The back of the bus is where the cool kids sit, where the music gets turned up, where the neighborhood transactions go down, where you lean back on the late night ride home. The back of the bus has always been the place where style and influence are discussed. Representing the all city crews, beat-makers and taste-makers who define the music and culture, we bring you the “Back of The Bus Drum Library” series. Twelve hip hop drum sample kits tuned-in-key to create and produce music in tonal harmony – C, C#/Db, D, D#/Eb, E, F, F#/Gb, G, G#/Ab, A, A#/Bb and B.

    Digital Download: The signal path and analog-to-digital converters used to create the Big Noise Tuned-In-Key Drum Sample Kits have been selected for their superior vintage quality and sonic integrity. All the samples have been passed through the Yamaha PM-4000, our custom audio transformers and other vintage analog gear. Don’t sleep on these groundbreaking Converter-Drums, get your copy today!

    Take control of your unique style. By layering tuned drum-sample-kits that are tuned-in-key, in precisely the same key, something groundbreaking happens. We discovered we are able to control the timbre of the drums in a way that only human drummers can do. Selecting different combinations of drum sound layers i.e the snare, rim, and/or kick drums, yields amazing dynamics in drum pattern timbre and feel.

    Matter of fact, there seems to be little limit to the amount of drum-samples that can be layered or stacked to create thick soupy drum tracks. Layer variations throughout the drum pattern create rhythmic dynamics that sound like a human drummer, including timing, Flam and spatial dynamics. This library is your foundation for unique music production. Your signature style is refined as you experiment in the lab. Awesome for drum sequence recording, reproducing live drums and all music production. Authentic tuned drum selections for your sample catalog.

    Everything you need to start producing lofi-hip-hop, hip-hop-soul, Neo-soul, jazz-hop, boom-bap and classic-hip-hop. Compatible with any software or hardware that accepts WAV files. These are some of the best hand selected drum kits for hip-hop music production; kick drums, snares, rim shots, cymbals, claps, snaps, percussion, soundbites, effects and samples. Download this drum kit of 48 tuned in key Converter Drums.

    Compatibility: All Hardware and Software utilizing WAV files: Akai MPC, Native Instruments Maschine, Roland MV-800, Roland SP-606 & SP-808, Roland SP404, Roland TR-8S, Elektron Analog Rytm MKII, Tempest Analog Drum Machine, Isla Instruments S2400, Native Instruments Battery, Native Instruments Komplete, Propellerhead Reason, Abelton Live, Logic Pro, Steinberg Cubase, Pro Tools… and much more.

    “Back of The Bus Drum Library” Beat Cook-up by Big Noise Radio

    G#/Ab “Back of The Bus Drum Library” Tuned in Key | Lofi Hip Hop Drum Samples | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


    • Quick Digital Download
    • 16bit 44KHz WAV Files
    • G#/Ab | 48 Tuned Drum Samples
    • Huge A/D Converter Drums
    • Hand Selected Drums | 48 Files
    • Top Notch Sound Quality
    • Analog / Digital Processing

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