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Akai MPC 3000 & 2000XL SCSI SD Card Reader Kit | Hot Swap Unit


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    Akai MPC 3000 & 2000XL SCSI to SD Card Reader Kit | Hot Swap Unit

    Do you have a vintage Sampler / Workstation that requires a SCSI interface? We have the unit you need. Upgrade to this SD Flash Drive Kit for the Akai MPC 3000 or 2000XL today. Are you tired of that stack of slow floppy and zip disks? They will only last so long, eventually wearing out. You don’t want to loose all your valuable music. These units are Hot Swappable, media can be inserted and removed with the MPC powered on. All media needs to be formatted to 1GB (977MB) to work with the MPC 3000 or 2000XL. Super easy to install, comes with MPC installation manual. All SCSI-Master units are brand new, no MPC mods required. Data cable, power cable and mounting screws included. This unit has the bottom mounting holes needed for MPC installation. This kit works with the Akai MPC 3000 and 2000XL; as well as E-MU, Ensoniq and other SCSI devices. Includes a FREE drum sample kit “Tactical Drums” v.01 Military Drum Arsenal by Big Noise.

    The new SCSI-Master SD Card writer / reader kit is available in Black and Silver (brushed aluminum). It allows you to move sounds from PC to MPC and back. Memory card access time is much faster then floppy and zip disk drives. Why keep your 3.5 floppy or zip drive when you can upgrade! Replace your old floppy or zip drive with this card reader kit. That’s about 715 floppy disks on one fast access removable media card. Archive and save up to 997MB of all of your favorite drums, samples, sequences and songs on one media card! Older 1GB flash cards work best. 2GB, 4GB and 8GB SD cards can be used. Media larger then 1GB will need to be partitioned and formatted to work with your unit. See partition instructions below.

    Custom Big Noise Upgrades: The new Black SCSI-Master has a smooth composite fiber face-plate, adorned with stainless steel socket head blots and stainless steel washers, for a refined subdued look. The branded RF shield plate was added to reduce radio frequency interference, enhance digital ground plane performance and provide structural integrity. Bypass capacitor C2 has been installed to enhance power plane performance.

    PLEASE NOTE: You must install the correct OS version before installing the drive. We will have OS resources available soon, please stay tuned for updates. Some SD cards will not work with this card reader. Legacy media cards that operate at 15MB/S transfer speeds usually work best. You may have to experiment to find cards that work with your unit. This unit is a Hot Swap media card reader. Some units may not support the Hot Swap function.

    How To Partition and Format SD or Compact Flash Cards to 1GB: Reducing the partition size of a Secure Data (SD) or Compact Flash (CF) card for use with Akai MPC 3000 & 2000XL:

    01. Open a command Window (Windows-> Start -> cmd). 02. Type “diskpart” A new window will open up with a “diskpart>” prompt. 03. Type “list disk”. 04. Select disk n (where n is the number of your CF card). 05. Type “list volume”. 06. Select volume n (where n is the number of CF card volume). 07. Type “clean all” (this completely re-formats the disk – it will take a while and appear to hang but be patient). 08. Type “create partition primary” (this gives the newly formatted CF card a partition so it can be resized). 09. Type “shrink querymax” This will tell you how much space is currently on available on your CF card. Subtract this from the file-size in MB you want for the final disk than add 1. For a 2GB disk, shrink querymax returns: “The maximum number of reclaimable bytes is: 1954MB” We want a final disk size of 1GB (997MB) so 1954 – 997 + 1= 998. 10. Type “shrink desired” = 998 (This tells diskpart to try and shrink the disk by 998 MB). 11. Now that the disk is the right size, you can format the partition… Type “format fs=fat label=volumelabel” (“volumlabel” can be any name you want i.e. “mpcdisk”). 12. The media is now 1GB (997MB) and ready to use in the MPC 2000XL. Type “exit” to leave the command window.

    Akai MPC 3000 & 2000XL SCSI SD Card Reader | Replacement Parts & Accessories | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


    • SCSI-Master v1.1 SD Card Reader Flash Drive Kit | Black & Silver Face
    • Compatible | Akai MPC 3000, 2000XL, E-MU, Ensoniq & Other SCSI Devices
    • Includes Formatted SD Card | 1GB SCSI Workstation Compatible
    • Includes | Drum Sample Kit “Tactical Drums” v.01 Military Drum Arsenal
    • Unit Features Bottom Mounting Holes (standard floppy drive spacing)
    • Big Noise Custom Upgrades | RF Cover Plate & Power Bypass Cap
    • Data Cable, Power Cable, Mounting Screws & Manual Included
    • Standard Hot Swap SCSII | Some Workstations Don’t Support Hot Swap Function
    • Compatibility: SCSI Samplers & Workstations | Windows PC | Macintosh PC
    • Data Transfer Rate: 43096 KB/S | Best Media Data Rate: 15 MB/S
    • Removable Storage Capacity: Supports Akai Partitions, More Info Coming Soon
    • Media Types: Secure Digital (SD, SDHC, SDXC)
    • Product Dimensions (WxDxH): 102mm x 123mm x 25.4mm
    • Product Weight: 15 Ounces

    Handling: 10 to 30 Days During COVID-19
    Shipping: This product is shipped USPS Priority Mail. Other shipping options available upon request.


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