SJ Artist Dem One “What’s It All About” via Audio Still Life EP

SJ Artist Dem One “What’s It All About” via Audio Still Life EP
SJ Artist Dem One “What’s It All About” via Audio Still Life EP

What’s It All About is the sleeper hit track off the recent release by San Jose’s own Dem One. With production from DJ Hen Boogie this track moves the Silicon Valley into the era of modern organic hip-hop music! The track has a classic Rhodes electric piano vibe to it, the vocals bring a self reflecting introspective of personal growth very necessary in today’s music scene. Dem One proves that today’s young black men are at the forefront of the independent movement delivering social change and common sense to our community through beautiful music.

For the past 10 years Demone “Dem One” Carter has toiled in the San Jose underground Hip Hop scene building a small contingent of loyal followers. Among this cult following are some the west coast most prominent emcees, producers, and dj’s. On his latest endeavor the “Audio Still Life” Dem One steps out of the shadows and collaborates with his Hip Hop mentors to create a break out project that is poised to put him amongst the best in the independent Hip Hop sphere. Audio Still Life is an 8 track EP which features production from Da Hermit (Insolence, YZ, Motion Man), D-Styles (Third Sight), and Hen Boogie (Dereliks, Sadat X). The EP is for the most part autobiographical with Dem One taking us through a series of songs informed by 30 plus years of life experience.

Straying from false bravado and battle rap cliches cuts like “Oh Lord’ featuring Motion Man deal honestly with coming of age and the internal conflicts emcees face. The lead single “Timeline” features production and cuts by D-Styles is a year by year recounting of Dem One’s growth as a person and emcee. According to Metro Silicon Valley music critic Scott “what Dem One took from his heroes is the importance of making a statement through one’s own story, and he has a gift for it”. With a delivery that has been compared to Common and Black Thought Dem One showcases his song writing prowess over a diverse sound track created by some the most original producers in the underground Hip Hop genre.

Dem One "What's It All About" Prod by Hen Boogie | Soundcloud Audio Stream

Published on October 31, 2011: Dem One “What’s It All About” Produced by Hen Boogie, Released by Sticky Note, Audio Stream via Sound cloud.

01.Battlin’ My Demons (Oh Lawd) – Produced by Da Hermit featuring Motion Man
02. Underground Rap Show – Produced by DJ Hen Boogie
03. Timeline – Production & Cuts by D-Styles
04. Acknowledgment / On The Brink – Produced by Da Hermit
05. The Story Of US – Produced by Da Hermit
06. Love Kills – Production & Cuts by D-Styles
07. Troubled – Produced by ED Main
08. What’s It All About – Produced by DJ Hen Boogie

Artist Contact Info:
Dem One | Twitter

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Article: D. Carter
Editor: Noiseman
Image: Dem One

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