Twinkle Brothers “Underground” DITC At On The Corner Music

Twinkle Brothers “Underground” DITC At On The Corner Music
Twinkle Brothers “Underground” DITC At On The Corner Music

Welcome to our series “Digging In The Crates” where we’ll showcase hand selected vinyl from “On The Corner Music” and other locations. These posts are intended to illuminate the world of sampling and hip-hop music production. Each of the records in these posts will be available at Big Noise Product Online for purchase. “On The Corner Music” is located in Campbell California, our inspiration for these posts come from our affiliates at Wax-poetics located in the New York area.

The Twinkle Brothers are a reggae group form Falmouth, Jamaica with Norman Grant as the lead singer and producer. They began the group in the 1960’s and toured the islands hotel circuit, playings songs influenced by a lot of different genres throughout the 1970’s. In 1977 The Twinkle Brothers signed with Virgin Frontline and went on to release 3 albums with them. When Virgin greatly reduced their reggae catalog in the 1980’s, the Twinkle Brothers were dropped from the label. Norman Grant went on to create his own Independent label named Twinkle and began to release music throughout the UK with it. Good music has been provided through independent labels for a long time and over at Big Noise we continue to support the independent game

Underground is a very solid revolutionary reggae album.With words on the cover such as CIA, Sodom and Gomorrah, FBI, Legalize and KKK you can tell their looking to talk about some of the problems that exist in society. They offer a good variety of different tempos and emotions throughout the 10 tracks. Their title track has a fun vibe to it, with touching and introspective lyrics. As with a lot of reggae albums expect to find a lot of dope mellow bass lines. With their song “It was a Vision I Had” they slow it down and harmonize very well leading to some good samples. Overall this is one of the more solid reggae albums I’ve heard and the message it sends is clear. The record is in good cosmetic shape and while the cover has a few bend creases, it is still in good shape with a plastic cover.

The Twinkle Brothers "Underground" Produced by Norman Grant | YouTube Audio

Published in 1982: The Twinkle Brothers “Underground” Produced by Norman Grant, Released by Twinkle, Audio Stream via Youtube.

A Side:
01. The World Was One
02. Underground
03. Set Some Example
04. Battlefield
05. Ghetto Life

B Side:
01. African Nation Come Together
02. War Is Not The Answer
03. Hell Break Loose
04. Sodom & Gomorrah
05. It Was A Vision I Had

Samplers: Akai S1000, S1100 or S3000, MPC60 or MPC60 II, MPC1000, MPC2000 or MPC2000XL, Emu SP1200, Emax I, Emax II or Emulator III, Ensoniq ASR10, 16 Plus or EPS, Sequential Circuits Studio 440.

Artist Contact Info:
The Twinkle Brothers | Myspace | Facebook

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Editor: Noiseman
Image: Big Noise

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